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What I’ve Learned From Running

What I’ve Learned From Running

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This is my story of running. I use to be like so many. Work out? Hah. Run? HAHA! I still clearly remember as an athlete in school not being able to run a mile nonstop. Oh how my definition of athlete has changed! I played many sports: dance, soccer, basketball, track, gymnastics – it didn’t matter. I was one of those who had zero cardio endurance.

The older I have gotten the stronger my mind has become. This has helped tremendously as an athlete (the redefined version of athlete). Part of becoming successful at anything, is understanding that your mind literally does control your body.

What you feed your mind will set the boundaries for what the body can actually do.

Another part of becoming successful – surrounding yourself with people who are not just upbeat, but who are doers. People who get up and do what they set out to do. The more people you can place in your inner circle that are doers – the more likely you too will find success.

I can proudly state that I am no longer a beginner with running. I’ve earned it. Last year, for the first time ever, I’ve crossed the 400 mile mark. I ran my first ever sub 30 minute 5k (26:02 in fact) – making me now one of the women to beat. Those women I use to envy and wonder how the hell they could run that fast – well, now I am one of them. Not setting records by any means, but definitely setting the example for those behind me and for those just getting started.

It took a while to get to the point where I could run 3 miles nonstop. Now where my long run consists up to 6-8 miles, those three miles seem so easy. Don’t get me wrong some days those three miles are a looong three miles. But the truth is – it’s a mental state of mind.

3 miles and 8 miles are all the same, and it’s all mental.


Here are a few more things running has taught me – about life, about running, and about myself.

         1. The mind can conquer anything placed in front of it.

        Regardless of ability, skill level, state of health, etc.

2. Train as hard as you can. Intentionally seek out challenges.

                Run outside, over hills, in the wind, the heat, the cold, the rain and the snow. Why?

It makes you stronger mentally and physically.

When you know you can run three miles in 15 degree winter weather, you sure as hell know you can run 6 miles when it’s 50 and sunny out.  Training hills and in all forms of weather makes you resilient – and it prepares you for whatever happens on race day.

Plus – you know you are a badass when everyone else chickens out and makes excuses for not training hills and in tough weather.         Read more about training and loving Mother Nature – You vs. The Elements.

3. Pushing a double stroller

loaded with fussy toddlers through a hilly town builds leg strength and endurance like no other drill  out there. Guaranteed. Not to mention it gives you great legs and a firm butt. It works your arms too.

          4. It’s not about how far you run or how fast.

It’s about showing up every day and giving it what you have – and then giving it a little bit more. Some days three miles suck and  then next day 7 miles is easy.

5. #4 is a Lie that holds you back. Always be raising the bar! In distance, in power, in speed. You can’t get better by remaining the same.

For more on running read Helpful Running Tips – Advice From Seasoned Runners.

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Will you rise to the challenge? Are you ready to Raise the Bar?

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    Amen, missy! Lovely write-up!

    Hills AND a DOUBLE STROLLER?! What the WHAT?!

    1. Reply Nicolette Brink

      We moved to a hilly town. : / Makes for great legs! And arms. And butt. lol So happy when they finally got too big for the double jogger.

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