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The Hunger – Part II What Is It To Be Hungry?

The Hunger – Part II What Is It To Be Hungry?


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It begins with an insatiable burning within.

A beckoning that cannot be ignored, an adventure that must be embarked upon.

It’s a need to feel the struggle, a yearning to feel the pain of growth, a demand from the soul to become stronger. To get to that place, the mind must believe anything is possible. The mind must learn to think only in possibility.

The mind, once working correctly, taunts the body to seek new feats to accomplish. It knows what you are capable of. It’s the mind that must be convinced.

Hunger is the fire within. The flickering beacons of light and life that become the shimmer in a person’s eyes and the exhausted satisfaction that is exhaled. Sweat beads roll off the body leaving pools on the floor, reminiscent of the work that just occurred.

When you listen to that beckoning, it will lead you to success. The fire, it must find something to feed it, it needs continuous refueling. That is why champions train every day. There is no rest day.

If you’ve built a roaring fire that could consume a forest, yes, you’ll see the familiars of the gym after a brief moment for rest. But for most, they will never know the feeling.

The feeling of the rush of satisfaction. The internal nod to the soul that yes, indeed, you are walking away stronger, fitter, wiser, more resilient against life.

It’s a request to become the best that you can be. With a respect to what others can do, it’s a zeroing in on what you are capable of becoming and just how high you can climb.

The hunger – it’s about being powerful. Committed. Strong. Endangered. The numbers of those who build it – the fire, are few.

It’s determination. Dedication. Discipline.

It’s about being a beast, a leader, an animal – roaming freely throughout the land.

It’s a powerful thing that hunger.

Can you feel it?


Fuel the hunger! Become a Beast!

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