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A Glance Into the Day of a Writer

A Glance Into the Day of a Writer



Today was a productive day. I could take the Mommy angle and state that my two preschoolers who stayed home sick today managed to not pester as often as they normally do. And that I spent an hour building a Lego treehouse for my son. But, this is about what it is like to be a writer. So here goes.

I dabbled in a bit of everything today. I got a lot done in my 2.5 hours of ‘book work.’ Book work time entails many things, most days it doesn’t even involve opening up whatever my current book project is and writing more of it. A lot of a writer’s work revolves around social media, website maintenance, communicating with other writers and researching.

Today I researched being an indie writer (independent book writer, aka, self-published). Turns out many writers I associate with have chosen this route (they write a lot of fiction). I am still focused on the traditional route, but a wise one learns as much as they can about all routes to make the goal happen – getting published and having your book(s) sell. I found some resources to check out at a later time.

I checked email (professional), checked my website – gave quick nod of self-approval that it is indeed functioning as it should, checked my Facebook page, sent fellow writers a few writing/publishing questions, and compared my monthly writing goals to what I have actually accomplished – I’m ahead there.

Speaking of goals I also researched some ideas for future projects and life aspirations. You have to start somewhere. All dreams first happen with the idea for it, followed by feeding it a bit of fuel. And in doing this, I dug out my long term goals and bucket list and merged a few things together there too. If you want long term success, you must plan long term and take the little steps along the way to get you there.

As a writer, many get stuck just on the writing or editing, and forget that there is so much to think about and do for your work in the long run. You have to think about your platform, the vibe you want your readers to walk away with, your image, and so on.

Back to today’s achievements, I double checked that my next blog post is looking good and ready for its scheduled posting. I returned to a blog directory to see if they verified my site (they did). I read a blog post by a well-known published author – gotta keep up with those who’ve done what I want to do.

Eventually I did get to writing. I reviewed some notes I had previously written and began writing another chapter for my current book. Stopped after about ten minutes because apparently today I have the same attention span as my kids. Sometimes this pays off, like today, and I can do a lot of little things with five minutes amount of focus. All the little things add up, they do matter.

As a writer there will be days when you can write page after page quickly, and there are days where the brain can’t put two words together or your hands can’t type even the word the correctly. And on these days you give your focus to the other zillions of little things that need done. Like all the above.

Today, I also wrote this blog post, which I will save for a later date. In case you didn’t notice, this post is about two pages long. And writing is writing. The mind is a muscle and it must be exercised daily to maintain its strength and power. So even if I’m not able to produce much on my book, I still manage to write other things that keep my mind centered upon my writing career.

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