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How To Use a List of Accomplishments to Stay Focused and Motivated


How To Use a List of Accomplishments to Stay Focused and Motivated


One of the tools I use to help me get through those times of doubt and struggle while working towards my goals and in my business, is a List of Accomplishments.

It is completely normal to experience difficult periods when we are striving after our goals! It is part of the process of learning and growing – which is what is required to achieve our goals.

Why Use a List of Accomplishments?

When we keep track of our triumphs and things achieved we can use this list as fuel for our motivation, it’s a personal tool of encouragement.

First, when we write down what it is we are achieving and making progress on, it helps us hold ourselves accountable for our time and energy. If we find ourselves not adding much to the list, then this can be a moment of recognition – that we need to make some changes in what we are doing and how we are going about it so that we can start seeing results.

Second, it is easy to forget all the things we really are making progress on! Maybe you had a stellar start to the year but then as the year went on you fizzled a bit and come fall, if you look at this list you will find yourself (and your focus) rejuvenated when you realize you really have made significant progress with your goals.


What Goes on a List of Accomplishments?

That is a good question and this is totally up to you! If you are just getting started with setting and working towards goals, I recommend jotting down every week a few things you did that constitutes as progress.

Did you show up every day, on time and put in good effort? Write that down. In a few months, you will be able to see that you indeed are building your consistency and commitment to yourself and your ambitions.

If you’ve been doing fairly decent with your goals and objectives than only add to your List of Accomplishments when you’ve achieved a monumental moment and/or reached a goal. One example of mine, each time I speak at a conference or hold a workshop, I write it down. Even though I speak often, it is still a big deal. Getting in front of crowds and being transparent and as confident as possible is a feat no matter how long you’ve been doing it.

Of course, you can add whatever you want to the list. Whatever it is that you are doing that makes you proud to have achieved it and constitutes as progress made can go on the list.


How to Reflect on Your List of Accomplishments

It is important to take a few minutes once a month to look at what you have achieved this month and over the last few months. Depending on your goals, how big they are and what they consist of and your timeline; you may go through a few months where you aren’t adding a lot to the list because you are simply diligently putting in the required effort. Reaching the goal is likely just around the corner.

Don’t get caught up emotionally in what is on or not on your list! This is important in reflecting! You are simply using the list as a tool – to see if you have been staying focused and putting in effort. You can look at the goals you’ve been working on and reaching. Are you trying to do too much at once? Are you not aiming big enough and could you be doing a little more or better?

Were there any life events that happened in the last several months that impacted your ability to work towards your goals? Crazy how life happens and can create a tilt-o-whirl with our goals and desires.

Simply allow your list to be a guidance system – helping you adjust course so you can continue making progress now and in coming months.


When to Use your List of Accomplishments?

This is the purpose of making a list and keep it updated – using it as fuel for when your tank is near empty. To keep your energy and focus up I encourage clients to look at their list 1-2x month and daily or weekly during times when the struggle is very real.

You can even use your list in your daily affirmations, giving thanks for the blessings and opportunities and abilities you’ve recently been given.

Another time for using your list is to give your resume and profile a boost! Use these accomplishments to add to your skills and wisdom when presenting who you are and what you do to others. Add your achievements and strengths gained to your About Me sections on your website and professional platform. You can even toot your own horn once in a while on social media with a “Wow, I was just looking back at May when I _______, and I am so proud. That was a real achievement. Thank you everyone for your support, I really appreciate it.”


How Do I Create a List of Accomplishments?

Easy. Any way you want to. You can use any journal or notebook, a piece of paper or even design something fancy and print it out.

Just keep it handy, someplace where you will see it often. You can even write reminders in your planner to update your list.


I hope you will enjoy this wonderful tool for staying inspired and focused when it comes to making progress on the goals you set.

If you’d like to receive additional tools and tips to help you achieve your goals you can sign up for my free mini-course where you’ll learn how to properly set goals and go after them.

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