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The Ultimate Coffee Date (Link Up)

The Ultimate Coffee Date (Link Up)


The Ultimate Coffee Date

On this chilly morning, while we are having coffee what could I tell you that might brighten your day?

I’d tell you that patience is one of the hardest things to encompass. When we are struggling, having patience helps us to slow down and think more clearly. Thus you are able to make wiser decisions and overcome the challenges you are facing quicker.
The other side to patience – when you know the good is coming to you that you have been putting out. Like a kid who knows they going to the candy store in a few days or the feelings of an upcoming vacation. The anticipation for receiving the rewards of your hard work and focus and discipline – this patience is hard to set aside and continue working hard and staying focused.

While we are enjoying our coffee, and nibbling on some blueberry scones I’d tell you: The Truth.

I don’t know how we’re going to do it all. The calendar is filling up mostly with fun activities and sports. The workload is ever increasing, as I learn more and rise higher comes more responsibility and even more to learn and do. We are all antsy for warm weather. In desperate need of getting back to a solid workout routine. Not that we will have an actual set schedule with our busyness, but just getting those workouts in to burn off stress and feel great physically.

I am in the midst of the two year time span in which I began my adventure of launching two brand new careers – to be in them by the time the kids are in school full time. I am truly beginning to see the results of the first year of hard work and personal growth, opportunities are popping up left and right and I’m trying to maintain balance of it all and remain focused on where I want to be headed.

Career #2 for me, truly isn’t set to fruition until a year from now, but I’m still (almost desperately) trying to keep showing up and training so I will be ready to take the leap when the time comes. I am really utilizing the patience I told you about above, in all aspects of my life.

Over a second cup of coffee we’d share knowing smiles:

No matter how hard we try, we will never be enough of what everyone wants us to be. In fact, very few will ever really understand us. That’s ok. As long as we keep returning to our own focus and purpose in life. We don’t have to defend ourselves or describe ourselves to anyone. It is not up to us to make others understand who we are and what we are about. All we have to do is keep trying to be the best version of ourselves that we can be, and enjoy each day as it comes, making the most of it.

As we gather our purses and phones and give each other a quick hug, I’d tell you:

This is going to be a good month for both of us. Our hard work is paying off. We are becoming stronger, wiser and more capable every day. And our loved ones are benefiting greatly from it. They see the passion in our eyes, the skip in our steps, the focus within our motivation. When we meet up again next month, I want to hear all about what you have been up to.
Join me on the first Saturday of each month for the Ultimate Coffee Date and a little dose of love, warmth and encouragement.

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  1. Patience is so hard sometimes! I agree it is going to be a great month for both of us. Thanks so much for linking up with us today for the coffee date. Fun connecting with new friends!

  2. Reply Mary Beth Jackson

    I always tell my kids, patience grasshopper! It is a tough one! Cheers to a great month for all of us! Thanks for the coffee and have a great weekend!

  3. Reply Farrah

    Patience is something that I’m continually working on, but when I’m really frustrated, I’ve been finding it reallyyy helpful to just close my eyes and take a deep breath before speaking again!

    Best of luck to you in everything! I hope we all have great months up ahead! <3

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