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Ultimate Author Event Checklist

Ultimate Author Event Checklist

The Author’s List of Things to Bring


Must Haves/Final Check:

_ Money

_ Books

_ Phone and Charger

_ Directions to Event & Host #


To Get There & Back:

__ Big sturdy tote bag or storage bin

__ Solid Boxes

__ Wagon/Dolly if you have lots of stuff

__ Check that it actually fits in your vehicle (including tall display stands/objects)

__ Rolling suitcase


For Your Books:

__ 5-7 copies for a stack on your table. If book is thin, plan on 8-10 copies/stack. If book is large, just 1-3   copies will work fine.

__ # of copies of each title you think is realistic to sell depending on the event.

__ A nice pen that doesn’t bleed. Make that 2 pens, in case you lose one.

__ 5 pens for others to use (signing up for your mailing list), ones that can walk away.

__ 1 display easel per title. Bring 2-3 extras in case the table size is odd or you end up with extra space to display more.

__ Price Signs or display. Ex: Mini Chalk Boards, Small business card size poster, wipe off board or 8×11 poster with book titles and prices.

__ Bookmarks and marketing materials

__ Posters and display easels

__ Small shelving unit

__ Pre-written signing slogans – on a notepad.


 About You:

__ Bring a Lanyard (name tag) in case the event doesn’t provide them.

__ Table mat or poster for front of table with your name and website on it.

__ A postcard or 8×11 poster (in an acrylic or other display) with professional information about you, your work, your website, social media etc.

__ Business cards (For each of your careers) & __ Card Holder

__ Bookmarks, postcards, pamphlets, anything that provides information about you/your work. Bring a display if you’d like it to be on the table.

__ Poster, Nameplate with your website on it

__ Print out upcoming events list

__ Any media mentions, newspaper clippings that you can set out (great for extra table space)



__ Money box/bag

__ GET CASH OUT (days before)

__ Receipt book or paper for receipts

__ Inventory list (before and after event)

__ Record book

__ Mobile Payment Device (And it’s set up!)

__ Calculator



__ Medicine (Take extra)

__ Water bottle

__ Money for other drinks/food

__ Snacks and meals (bite size and not messy)

__ Napkins/silverware

__ Lunchbox/ice pack

__ Gum/Mints/Candy



__ Outfit Laid Out

__ Back Up outfit ready

__ Sweater/lap blanket/mini fan

__ Refreshing Kit (Deod/body spray/makeup/hairbrush/hairtie)


__ Map/Directions to Event

__ Event Host Phone # and Location # (in case you get lost or are late)

__ Phone Charger

__ Camera

__ Smaller wallet/purse so you are not lugging a big one around

__ Tape

__ Pen holder plus pencil case for travel/storage

__ Hand sanitizer and/or wet wipes

__ Tablecloth

__ Bags (to give people who have full hands, think plastic grocery or small paper)

__ Travel Log (for auto, gas mileage)

__ Cushion/Back Support for chair

__ Extension Cords/Chargers

__ Kindle/IPad

__ Post its or notepad

__ Business Card Holder (for those who give you theirs)

__ 2-3 ziplocks for random loose stuff

__ Mini trash can/bag

__ tissues

__ labels (if you lend out extra stuff to other event people)

__ Speaking necessities – if opportunity arises (laptop, presentation material, microphone)


Your Extra Stuff (Products/Services):

__ Postcards or poster with info about services

__ Business cards for other services you provide

__ Email Sign Up Sheet*

__ Swag/giveaways

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