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Try This for Stress Relief

stress relief

Try This for Stress Relief

I have an entire webinar series, online course and live workshop centered on today’s stress relief activity.

It is that important to our internal peace and well-being!

I want to ask you something, what are you passionate about?

What are the things that you enjoy doing and love being a part of – that if you didn’t have your current bills to pay and people to take care of – you’d spend all day doing it?

I ask you,

“What are you PASSIONATE about?”

What moves you?

What brings sheer joy to your soul?

I ask this next question every time I am doing a live workshop – even if the workshop has nothing to do with it.

Are you ready?

Here it is – the infamous question that makes people stop and realize they’ve forgotten a pretty important aspect of life.

“How much time do you spend each week doing things you truly love doing? What are your real passions in life? What sets your soul on fire and makes you come alive? And how much time do you do it?”

I would say that about 75% of the adults answer they can’t remember the last time they did their old hobby or put themselves in the presence of what they use to love doing.

Most people are out of touch with their inner spirits!

Of the 25% who can reply with “Oh, I got to spend an hour last week in the flower bed or every June I go up to the lake for fishing.” Most of the 25% rarely spend time doing things they love! It is rare and intermittent.

Now what if told you that a secret to achieving every goal you set simply requires your goals to line up with things you are passionate about. It is true.

The reason why few become highly successful is because the majority of people simply stop pursuing the things they really enjoy doing.

When you invest time weekly (or daily) into the things in life that are infused with childlike curiosity about them, that you once dreamed of doing all day long and getting paid to do it – motivation and energy, focus and determination – it’s all pretty easy. Because you love it! The challenges that arrive while pursuing goals are not seen as moments to give up and quit but as opportunities to get better at it and learn something new and it is fun.

Do this for a little stress relief today:

Today’s challenge is spend 10 minutes (that’s it!) researching one of your passions.

Say you used to be passionate about theater/acting. Use these 10 minutes to look up what is happening at your local theater. See if you recognize any of the names in the show. Spend 5 minutes daydreaming about sitting in the audience watching it or even better being part of it.

Humor yourself and go there!

It is time to start living life on your terms and enjoy life!

It is time to start pursuing the things that make you come alive!

I also ask this question to my audiences:

“Why wouldn’t you be spending time every week doing what you love?”

Seems like a such a simple question with an easy answer. The reason why you aren’t investing time each week doing what you love – it all comes down to excuse making. It’s time to give that silliness up and reclaim your life.

Want a Bonus Challenge?

Put yourself in the arena! Whatever it is you are passionate about – go to it this week. If it is theater – buy a ticket to the next show and actually go.


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