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The New Trend for Sign-Ups and Sales

The New Trend for Sign-Ups and Sales

The New Trend for Attracting Sign-Ups and Sales

In Other words, How To Gain and Keep Customers 

Sometimes you observe things in life and think “This isn’t rocket science.” When it comes to attracting new fans to sign up, purchase and follow for the long term it shouldn’t be. The truth is this isn’t a new trend at all, but it is the beginning of the return back to the core foundations of being professional.

Understand for a moment here, that just because someone at the moment is doing very well – this doesn’t translate into long term success or that they are highly successful (they are successful across their life platform). Nor does it translate into what they provide being actual solid content that is applicable or the means in which they do business is respectable.

Our culture is beginning to emerge from a sugar coated, being at the extreme end of everything, let’s make excuses and blame everyone for everything approach to life.

We are now beginning rise culturally into a society that is refocusing on balance, accountability and ownership, respect, real honor and dignity.

People are becoming better at observing and are now questioning what is before them to get to the truth. People are beginning to value themselves more, including their time, energy and resources. People are beginning to raise the bar for what is acceptable – for themselves and from others.

The trend now to attract new followers and customers and to maintain them is based on 3 components. (In truth this is the difference between business that find and maintain success and those who fizzle.)

#1 Respect

#2 Authenticity

#3 Real Value

Regardless of who you are and where you are right here today, it is important for us to understand and value these three components if we want to become successful and maintain it.

#1 Respect

This begins with the way we view ourselves, how we approach life and what kind of respect we treat others with.

If you are real with yourself (authentic) then you will be able to respect others. In this you will be able to observe what it is you do and how you go about it. It is literally being able to have a clear, honest third party opinion about what you are doing and the way you are going about it – except you are able to do this for yourself. (This is a skill that takes time to develop and few people are able to truly do this well.)

When it comes to business of course we want new fans and new customers – we need to make money or we will be out of business. But there is a fine line between having respect for other people while you go about your business and crossing over into you just lost that customer.

If you want people to sign up for your email list – you MUST understand that even sending just one email per day is almost too much. Many big names are sending out a dozen emails every day – declaring that this is the last time you will see this offer before the price goes up or before it is sold out. This is a marketing gimmick – that most people see from miles away and TODAY people are NOT buying into.

Today, when we see more than one email a day every day from the same person/business – it doesn’t take long before we are rolling our eyes and just delete every single one of them. It is like walking into a store we regularly shop at and in every single aisle three employees are asking how you are doing and if you are finding everything okay. You get four aisles of shopping done and you just want to leave so you don’t punch one of them in the face.

Big names are killing their brands by flooding consumers with the same stuff fifteen times a day. They’ve lost touch with reality and are losing touch with the fact that even though it may not seem like it – most adults are competent enough to know how to find what they are looking for. It doesn’t require a business name becoming a tattoo – a permanent reminder every hour that you have certain products available.

Your customers follow you for a reason – they think they will benefit from what you provide. They know where to find you and what you offer. It does not require incessant badgering similar to that of having three toddlers underfoot all day every day.

More is not always less. Less is not always more. Again – we are back to finding a healthy balance.

Case in point – all these big names with massive size lists of followers. That doesn’t mean they are buying. This doesn’t mean the services being provided are legit or actually provide value. What it does mean is that at one point everyone on that list thought they might benefit from something that person mentioned or they signed up only to quickly download a freebie.

I can’t tell you how many people I see and hear daily right now who are UNSUBSCRIBING to the big names because it is too much. They are sending email after email after email AND they are all over social media but what they provide is mostly fluff. (I will get to fluff vs. value in a bit.)

Take a moment and think about the famous people we follow. Our favorite actors and pro athletes. Most of them have balance. They post maybe one thing a day across social media, then they take 2-3 days off, then they post something else, take a day off, share something, take 2-3 days off. They get it. They realize that people DON’T WANT or NEED to see them 24/7 for fans to love them and eat up what they provide.

If you want people to sign up, stick around and at some point buy – the new trend is this. Have some basic respect for your followers. One email a day – max. Allow some time to go between your emails.

It’s like getting an email from an old college buddy that now lives a few states away. When you see an email from them it brightens your day and you give them a few minutes of your time and respond. Maybe for a few days you go back and forth if something really awesome is going on. Then a few weeks or months pass and you know what? It is all okay. The next time that familiar and treasured name arrives in your inbox you eagerly open it!

Here’s a splash of cold water folks. We are all human. Nobody’s life is so exciting 365 days a year for 10 years straight that what they are up to requires 10 emails every single day. All that awesome sauce can be put in just one email. People are more likely to open one email and click on three links then open three or more of the dozen emails you cram into their boxes.

Respect is about balance. You know what happens when you only send out 2-3 emails a week or even per month? When you really do have something new and exciting going on that you want to share with fans – they pay attention! They pay attention because you haven’t lost their attention by disrespecting their intelligence and time by sending them 300 emails every month.

#2 Authenticity

Fakeness is over. That is all there is to it. Highly successful people are real, genuine and don’t try to gloss over every single thing they do to get attention. Highly successful people are creative – they can continue to come up with new content and services and they can adjust what they provide to reach different kinds of audiences. No fakeness required.

Fakeness is the result of someone who has figured out maybe one aspect of life and reached some success with it and then they ran out of that creative stuff that is new and of equal quality and value – so they had to start faking it.

Authenticity goes hand in hand with respect. When you respect yourself (and others) you do not feel the need to pretend to be something you are not nor do you add titles and awards to everything you create, do and share. The reason is because people already know. They already know if what you do is of higher quality and value. They already know if you are incredibly successful because they can tell through what you provide and how you go about it. Quality speaks for itself. Respect speaks for itself. There is zero need to shout out 50 times every week that you are a best seller or #1 in your field. Zero.

Fakeness is running out of time. Here are few things to think about as you move forward with your work.

When you share someone else’s work or name on your social media make sure it lines up with your message, your brand and your vision. Make sure that person is real and authentic. Especially if you want to collaborate with them on a project.  Fans cringe when they see a favorite suddenly join in with someone that it seriously lacking respect, authenticity and value. This in turn gives you a negative reflection even while you thought it would create solid positive connection for your audience.

If you pre-record something – just say that it has been pre-recorded. We are all human. We realize that we all have our own schedules we adhere to along with our own responsibilities. We cannot all meet at the exact same time and place. Don’t create fake chat rolls! Do not pretend like your workshop is live when it isn’t. It is noticeable. It is. People can even spot the difference when a big name pulls in 3 friends to ‘play’ in the chat while the event is being recorded. If you pre-record and don’t have a chat for it – let it be.

*Your content should be so packed with awesomeness that nobody is paying any attention to the chat – their focus is on you and what you are teaching them.

Same with interviews across the board. Fakeness is insecure and thinks they must fill up a one-hour time slot and in doing so they spend 50 of the 60 minutes talking about things that have little value or are completely unrelated to the topic at hand. Every time you see someone take 20 minutes to get started – it isn’t because they are being overly nice in welcoming everyone. They simply don’t have enough or know enough at a level in which they can teach it to fill up their time slot.

Authenticity is also remaining true to yourself and what you do. While you regularly observe what others are doing and you listen to your own beat. You don’t follow the same rules. You don’t use the exact same template others are using. You don’t use the same model that others are using. (Return to the overload on emails and social posts about the same things over and over. People are blindly following what other big names are doing without realizing the overall result of doing so.)

Authenticity means doing your thing, your way, in alignment with your purpose and vision. This draws in those who will truly benefit from what you provide and those who will appreciate what you do and who you are and they will be much more likely to become returning customers.

Authenticity is real. It is based on respect. Authenticity respects other people’s time, attention, intelligence and is focused on providing real value. Your connection with people has nothing to do with niceness. It does have to do with respect, being real, and providing something applicable that followers will walk away with and be satisfied with having given you their time and attention.


#3 Value

Real value is all about your customer – not you. Nobody cares how many fans you have, how much you made last year or what you want to upgrade them to at the end. (How is that for an ice bucket moment?)

Real value goes hand in hand with respect and authenticity. When you respect other people, you will be real and what you provide them will also be rock solid.

Providing real value means you will respect your audience. Their time, their energy, their intellect, their willingness to continue being your fan. This means every time you interact with your fan base you are professional, you get right to the point, you get your applicable content across, you address questions and you allow your customer/fan to get on with their day.

Quick and simple with applicability is the new trend.

No runaround, no fluff, no two dozen emails, no fifteen minute intros, no twenty minute spiels about your other products and services.

You just provide goodness. Goodness is contagious and it spreads on its own like a wildfire.

Everything we do is energy. When we commit to being real, to value people first and then follow through by valuing providing legit services that people can go apply that very day – we are creating good energy.

Fluff is not value. Fluff is saying hello to everyone present and wasting people’s time. Fluff is bringing on board some big names only to let your fans down because the content was fluff and basic stuff everyone already knows. Fluff is short-selling your customers by asking them to take an hour of their time only to provide 5 minutes of actual valuable content. Fluff is having to mention your upgrade at all because the content you are providing right now isn’t solid enough to get people excited enough go right to your website to see what else you offer.

Highly successful people understand what they know and do on so many levels they can teach it to anyone anywhere at any level.

The more basic beginner level the content is – the least amount of time it should take to explain it.

If something is more at an intermediate level – it requires a bit longer. If something is advanced – it will take up a real hour.

Think about sports practices and musicians. Beginners get their lessons and practice time in shorter time allotments. The more advanced and pro – the more work and focus is required and longer amount of time is required to be at that higher level.

Amazing professionals – respect people’s time. They teach the lesson, they make it clear what level the lesson is for, they get right to it, they provide the lesson in a few different examples so everyone can relate and understand it, (eliminating almost all need for any Q & A) and then they end it. Sometimes the lesson is 25 minutes long, sometimes it is 45 minutes and once in a while it is an hour and a half.

They know, they get it, on an entirely different level and those present also know. People can recognize the difference between those who kind of know and those who seriously get it. People will return in their own time to find out what else the real instructor teaches.

When someone is rocking what they do and they collaborate with someone – the person they collaborate needs to be one who is talking about the subject at a higher level. It’s a total knowledge up leveling for you and your followers.

It is not bringing in a big name to discuss common knowledge at a beginner’s level that everyone already knows about.

There isn’t any need to make an upgrade offer. Everything they do is just clear cut, packed with applicable and appropriate content. Fans know when to show up on their own. They know if you know what you are doing. They will come in on their own to get as much of you as they can.

The second you show an upgrade people think you are short selling them – that you are not providing them with what they thought they were going to receive right that moment. In truth, every minute of their time you waste by not giving real value you are short selling them – in respect. Thus you eventually begin to lose the very customers you originally worked so hard to catch.

Whether you like it or not, if you want to become successful and/or maintain that success, this is the time to realize what people (your current and potential customers) want. They want real respect, authenticity and value.

The question is – Will you rise to the occasion?


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