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Toughen Up

Toughen Up

The World Owes You Nothing .                     844df609443ba16aa8639b36069fa089


You know this. You train hard, you learn as much as you can, you put into your work what you can.

For the world owes you nothing.

If you want to carve your place in this life, if you want people to know your name,

You must become legendary.

You must refine yourself into that which forces others to stand aside for you.

Work. That’s all there is to it. Every ounce of effort you can drive into it.

That is the work that produces change.

The kind of changes that lift you above the rest.

When others quit, you keep on.

When others doubt, you believe.

Where others get distracted, you stay focused.

While others play, you complete that which you set out to do.

Then you play hard and return to work.

Those who will rise to the levels of success and glory know,

This World Owes You Nothing.

You have to take it. You earn it and you take it.

You do what others won’t.

You rise to the level others don’t think exist.

And because you know those levels are in fact attainable, you work harder.

You develop the mind and body to the highest you can obtain so you will make it.

Because The World Owes You Nothing,

You turn the struggle into pain, and the pain into glory.

You leave when you achieve.

You do what they won’t.

Arrive early. Leave late.

Laser like focus.


You own your power.

You force life to give you what you are after.

You are tough enough to tell life to shove it.

The World Owes You Nothing.

Earn it. Take it.

Life makes way for those tough enough to change it.


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