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Will This Be Your Year to Thrive?


Will This Be Your Year to Thrive?

Will You Make 2017 Your Year to Thrive?

Have you picked up on the personal growth whirl of selecting a ‘word’ to motivate you throughout the year? I’ve used words in the past that well, define my brand itself. Way back I started with Decisive, Empowered and then Resilient. As I dove into these words and what they mean, studying what it means to actually be those words, I found myself in a vast sea of opportunity to not just grow but to Thrive.

One of the most popular words being chosen for the next year is Thrive.

What does Thrive mean?

Let’s take an in-depth look.

This is a quick list of words describing what it means to thrive:

  • Flourish
  • Prosper
  • Succeed
  • Bloom
  • Energetic
  • Increase
  • Grow well
  • Be healthy


I think of thriving also as evolving – something growing bigger exponentially expanding beyond its present state.

In fact, as I’ve experienced thriving on different levels over the last decade  I also declare thriving as:

Actually living

Living as though you are alive (everything that short list contains).

Yep. Not just merely existing or scarcely surviving but actually living.

Are You Alive & Thriving?

It’s amazing how many people are just existing and barely surviving. I’d say it’s a safe bet that less than 25% of people are actually living…thriving.

I want you to BE LIVING! I want you to be THRIVING! I want you to be EVOLVING!

Why would you want to live the same year again and again for a decade or decades?

I Hope ~

Whatever word you’ve selected for this year, I hope it encourages you to thrive.

I hope you experience what it feels like to really breathe! To be a state of calm, quiet, collectedness and poise. To exert yourself to such a degree that you feel your body alive, pulsating and pounding and stretching beyond normal capacity. I hope you feel (emotionally) with such intensity that you will never the same again – we’ll hope this is in love.

I hope you will explore this life you’ve been giving and that you’ll figure out how to cross the boundaries previously set – enabling you to experience life differently.

I hope you will be that 100+ year old tree growing from the side of the cliff – diligent and able to thrive where nothing else is.


Thriving is experiencing – at bigger and higher levels or in new form. What will you dare to believe is possible for you to achieve? How high will you toss your dreams and hope – believing it is a possibility to climb that far up?

Where is your courage? To reach beyond, to ask believing you’ll receive, to step out in faith and boldness knowing you are capable?

This life wants you to rise higher. God (the universe – whatever you believe) wants you to live a BIG life.

We are meant to evolve!

You are meant to THRIVE!

What will you reach for this year?

Will you seek to Thrive?

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