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The Price of Success

The Price of Success

The successful individual understands that everything in life comes with an attached price tag. It may be in terms of money, energy, time, health, relationships, character.

There are basic laws to life, one being that nothing is free. If it is free in terms of money, the cost will be your time, energy, health or relationships.

The successful mind gets this. The successful person decides to pay the price up front, living with a disciplined mind and body. By continuously improving the mind and body, he or she receives the positive results of good health and good decision making that will produce useful resources such as knowledge, experience, healthy relationships and income.

Becoming successful requires learning to think, decide and act differently. You must learn this in order to see different results than what your current choices and actions are bringing you.

Success requires discipline of the mind and body, which in turn develops into the disciplining of one’s actions, which in turn, brings one desired results.

There will always be a cost to pay for every thought, every decision and every action you take. There is also a price to pay for not making decisions or taking actions.

Throughout the day as you are making decisions ask, “What will this decision cost me? What will doing this cost me? What will it cost me if postpone this decision or action?

Learn to live each day with this new mindset and soon you will find yourself making decisions and taking actions that will bring your mind peace and simplicity, your body better health, and your life will become a greater reflection of the life you want to be living.

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Excerpt from The Decision

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