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The Hunger

The Hunger


It’s all in the Hunger.

You have to want it.

You have to see the light peering through each and every crack and with hammer and pick axe you have to hammer away at those cracks with everything you’ve got, every moment and opportunity you can make with the time you have and hack away at them.

That’s how you fight. That’s how you win.

When everyone else is sleeping, watching TV, and wasting away; you have to take advantage of their weakness and develop a work ethic that is unprecedented, that no others are doing or will do for themselves. That is how you break through, that is how you separate yourself from the pack – that is how you make opportunity happen.

Struggles build your strength and character, without them you remain the same – weak, insolent, unaffected and unmotivated. The more you have to overcome, the more refining you can do to your character, the more you build your base and pulley system to lift yourself above the rest.

It takes dedication, which is a decision to accept nothing but the best of yourself, of your decision making, work ethic, character, passion, skills and knowledge.

You have to want it so deep inside that nothing absolutely nothing can cause you to falter or quit. Change, getting there, arriving, seeing it in your hands is the only option.

It’s got to happen, it will happen, because you aren’t stopping until it does happen.

You make things happen. And life will get out of your way when it realizes you are on a mission to accept nothing less than making it happen.

The moments of frustration, the times of rising above the doubt, the questioning, the capability, are all miniscule in comparison to the amount of impact that the change arriving brings to your being and your life as you live it.

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