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The Hunger Part III – The Power

The Hunger Part III – The Power


The beast is always hungry.

Always aiming for more.

To do more.

To Be More.

To be the best.

A beast doesn’t rest with mediocrity.

The beast is alive with fire.

The thrill, the longing, the quest,

The beast rises before the rest of the kingdom,

Puts in his work and slays his breakfast,

Before the gazelle even begins to stir.

The Hunger is about the power.

The power of being the leader.

The one in charge of raising the bar for excellence.

The one whose name sends trembles into veins of its prey.

It is the power to rise up, move ahead, and ascend.

The power to conquer.

Being a beast is an unstoppable force.

A dominating, powerful reckoning.

Becoming that one, the beast,

Requires the building of an empowered mind,

A strong body and a resilient soul.

Fuel the hunger.

Be the beast.


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