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The Goal & The Dream

The Goal & The Dream


Excerpt from The Decision – The Goal & The Dream

….. Setting goals is about you, and nobody else. …..

Mind you, if you have a family to provide for and have no income, obviously bringing in income is a high priority goal. If you have a family relying on you, being in good health is a valuable goal.

Every goal you set for yourself must come from within yourself, and must reflect your personal need for self-growth and improvement. The benefits of you achieving your goals will have positive effects on those around you, but the result of your goal has to be of impact to you first for there to be any inner notion for you to work towards it.

You must want the change in yourself and your life, and you must realize that only you are capable of making that change happen.

Real goals do not happen overnight, and receiving the benefits of reaching goals can take time to appear in your life as well. Real goals will produce results that will be positively impacting you for the rest of your life. You will not have to restart them every January 1st of every year.

Real goals require deep thinking, and deep internal work inside your heart and mind, changing the way you view things and think through things before you can begin the work outside of yourself. This is required because if your process for thinking and your mindset were already working successfully, you’d already have the results you want in your life. If you note that something in your life needs changing, you have to go back to the source that created that thing that needs changing, and that source is how you view life and your thinking process.

To achieve the dream you must first conquer the goal. The goal will transform one small part of you, the dream, it requires transformation of your whole entity.

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Want to become decisive, empowered and resilient in life? Are you ready to start achieving those goals?

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