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The Difference In Mentors & Masters

The Difference In Mentors & Masters

Today I am going to discuss the difference between mentors and masters.

The difference is HUGE and understanding it plays a significant factor in how quickly you will achieve your goals and directly impacts your results.

The roles of leadership and teaching are so important – they set the foundations for us to begin our journeys and guide us along the way. Whether we are the ones leading or following – now you will have greater clarity in which one you need and why.

The following is an excerpt from my book The Decision Chapter 22 Mentors & Masters

The other remaining vital components of your support system is having someone you can turn to for advice, instruction and feedback. One who not only knows what they are doing, but who has a proven track record for what you seek and at the highest level.

You can think of mentorship as a broader horizon, someone who you hopefully know to a certain degree on a personal or professional level, whose personality and life you can observe and learn from. This mentorship is the mentor allowing you into their office or home, their daily life, and being willing to honestly let you see who they are, and how they got to where they are, and what they do to keep it.  Mentorship is intended to be a light guidance system, someone who will indeed stand in the background for lengthy periods of your journey and offer a hand when you occasionally ask.

Depending on what you are aiming to achieve, and how big your dream is, you may also require the expertise of a Master. Masters are those who excel at what they do, and have achieved their title through years of learning and revamping the process to achieving their level of talent and ability. Masters have tried, failed, tried, succeeded, failed and are still making the efforts to do more and to do it better. A Master is useful when you come across the need for specific instructions with complex challenges.  Most have received honor and recognition at the highest level for their achievements and are the best of the best.

Seeking out a mentor requires you to already be on your way to success. You need to understand that your time and the time others give you is valuable. You need to be learning how to expect and receive honest feedback, albeit, feedback is only a person’s opinion about how they see you, and it is based solely on their personal life experience.

 In this comes learning to even separate the advice and feedback you seek, from your emotional attachment to your dream. You need to be able to process the advice and information clearly, to decipher if and how it can be useful to moving you along your path.

Even though you are creating a support system, you must realize that you and you alone are the one in the process of achieving your dreams. You cannot allow yourself to become overly dependent on other people. Other people can only offer you temporary support, usually emotionally, and information on how to complete a task or get through a specific process. Other people can only share with you what they have learned in coping with various circumstances and offer techniques to improve your mental state and make you stronger. When all is said and done, it comes down to just you.

Do not blindly follow others. Be thorough in observing and researching and getting to know the people you seek to follow. An important title or reward attached to a name does not equal worthy character. Pay attention to what your mentor/Master does not have, that is, what is lacking from their life? Are they missing a key component to your values, such as health, family, religion, fun? What lessons have they learned and what sacrifices had to be made along the way? Is it possible to achieve the same thing without sacrificing to the same degree?

 The higher up the value scale someone sits, the more their name becomes associated with those directly connected to them. When you have decided where it is you are headed, and you’ve gotten yourself going forward in the right direction, and are learning and growing, you find the right mentors to assist you. Sometimes your mentors will be directly connected to your dream, and sometimes you find a great mentor in the least expected places.

Mentors know they have value and knowledge, Masters know full well where they excel and the price that they could attach to their wisdom.  Neither will want to assist you if you are not able to respect their time and what they can offer you. [end of excerpt]

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 Let’s dive into this a little deeper…

A mentor (a teacher, coach or person with decent level of knowledge and skill) is someone who understands what they know up to a certain level of difficulty and they only know how to teach their content in one or two ways. An example would be a veteran manager teaching a new manager the basic day to day requirements and tasks of being a manager. The manager can only teach how to be a manager.

A Master on the other hand, is someone who’s wisdom (skill + knowledge + experience) is always increasing and they don’t teach one simple process and way of going about something. Instead they teach their students HOW to think and learn and explore life.

If I use the same example as above – the Master is the CEO and owner who has built a handful of business from the ground up and understands the whole picture and process of running a business. The Master (business owner) can teach any aspect of the whole big vision to anyone. They can teach every process involved in running a business.

So your mentor can teach a certain skill set combined with certain knowledge and how to apply it small scale. A Master teaches a student how to think, multiple ways to approach it from various contingencies, and how to create the very processes that mentors teach.

It is a completely different level of living and approach to life.

Knowing this, I bet you will be taking a bit of time to reflect on the leaders and instructors in your life. If you are in the position of teaching and leading others, allow these concepts to encourage you to become the BEST teaching and leader you can be.

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