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Taking the First Step

Taking the First Step


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Some say that taking the first step of a big feat is courageous and heroic. This is false. This is what comes from those who simply will not decide to make decisions and take action in their lives.

For the truth of the matter is, the courage is not given. It cannot arise from taking one small simple step that is the beginning of a new direction and quest. If it took courage to take that tiny first step, you will never make it. There is nothing heroic in taking the first step of what will be hundreds or thousands of steps to get there.

Many will overdramatize the situation, the decision – the taking of the first step. And in wasting so much time and energy putting it off, and worrying, stressing, fretting about it and what might happen, others have taken thousands of steps in that same amount of time. Others did not exaggerate what the first step is, or required, they just got up and got going. They surpassed you a long, long time ago. You are now a tiny dot way behind them.

Yes, making the decision to try something new and different can be scary if you let it be. Any new adventure will carry its challenges to overcome and new concepts to learn. The point is to stop freaking out about it and no longer allow yourself to get all worked up over making that first step. Just shush up and do it.

Bold isn’t it. Boldness gets you where you want to go. Its decisively quick, swift in action, and strong in mind, body and spirit. And the world makes way for those who decide to live life boldly.

The successful person doesn’t care what you think about that first step you are so overworked about. The successful person isn’t going to applaud you, kiss your feet, or pat you on the back. The successful person has taken that first step countless times.

If you make a big fuss over that first step, and expect an award ceremony, the successful person is simply going to walk away. They will not bother to say a word, look back, or give you another second of their life. They know you will not make it. You will not make it because if it took you that much time and energy to figure out how to take the first tiny step, you will be dead five times over before you even get halfway to your destination.

On the other hand, if you take the first step, and take it for what it is – the beginning of a new adventure with much to learn and experience, and do this like it is no big deal (for it isn’t), the successful person will take note. He may give you two more seconds of their precious time. At various points in your travels, the successful person will appear, observing from the shadows, to see just how you handle the real challenges. If you handle the difficult moments with the same ease and decisiveness as you did in taking that first step, you will see a nod of approval. You might just make it.

The real bottom line is, and this is how the successful start out successful from the start. It’s what they do and how they do it differently than the rest.

The Successful One:

#1. Is decisive. Knows where they are going, who they will become, and just goes.

#2. Minds their own business. Doesn’t care what others are doing and has no need to broadcast their own pursuits to the world. The results will speak for themselves.

#3. Keeps their emotions detached from the aspect of taking action. The successful person knows their emotions are irrelevant to the outcome. If they want to see the results, they have to get up and do it. Simple as that. And when the mind and body are busy staying focused and working hard, there isn’t time to get worked up emotionally.

The next time you are ready to begin a new adventure, just get up and go. The more time and energy you waste making it a bigger deal than it is, only delays the rewards and results of getting to your destination.

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