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Take Back Your Time

Take Back Your Time

Before we begin, did you read That Precious Thing Called Time? If not, go read it now.


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To own your power and tack back control of your time (and energy and resources), you must understand just why you have been wasting so much of that time. In That Precious Thing Called Time we covered the reasons behind how we give up that control.

Now it’s time to take it back. Time to own up to the 24 hours a day you have.

Every human being needs sleep. So let’s start off the bat with getting 7 hours of sleep. If you’re young, or a parent of young kids, or type A, we already know 7 hours of sleep sounds wonderful. The truth is, successful people make the most of the time they do have. And unless they work overnight, the successful person gets up early and makes use of the early hours of the day.

Next, exercise. I don’t care what your excuses are. Here is a big, big truth that so many people ignore simply because they do not want to have to own up to it.

Your health is a reflection of your mental state. To be successful, you must have a healthy state of mind and a healthy body. Your mind is your go juice, and your body is the go power. You must have these in good working condition to be productive.

So throw in a bit of exercise folks.

Next. Here are some examples of ways to get back your time. Now, don’t go rolling your eyes and telling me these can’t be done. If you are rolling your eyes you know darn well you are wasting your time on them.

  1. Commute time. To and from work, kids soccer practice, grocery shopping, errand running. Condense these activities into the least number of trips possible. Saves you time, saves your energy, and probably saves you money. The only necessity of these…buying your food. All others can be changed! Yes they can!
  2. Talking. How many hours a day do you spend talking to or listening to someone blab on and on and on. Keep it quick, keep it clear and direct. Keep it simple. Move on with your day, you got better things to be doing.
  3. Repeat #2. This goes for emails too. Communication should be quick and simple.
  4. Screen time. Tv, video games, computer time, Facebook/Pinterest, etc. Turn it off, get up and get to work.
  5. Cleaning and cooking. Make the members of your household accountable for their stuff and their share. Nobody is a maid. Save time, cooperate, work together. (You may have to get creative to make this happen). Cook one meal, not a meal for every person at the table. If they don’t like it, they can eat a hot dog.
  6. Cut out that which is not necessary. Unschedule your schedule. Nobody needs to be in three sports in the same season, or going to every party/meeting, or belong to yaya club and take on numerous outside projects that do not feed into your future. Only take on activities and projects that build your future.
  7. Do #6 again.
  8. Do # 6 one more time. Seriously. The successful person ensures every activity they participate in – fuels into their long term goals.
  9. Reduce. Live more simply. Downsize the fancy car, oversized house, get rid of the boat. The more crap you have, the more you try to keep up with the Jones’s – the more sucked in you become to ‘having’ to stay in that job working for someone else’s dream, on their time, and driving that awful commute.

The cheaper you can live by – the more freedom you give yourself with your finances.I want to go back to your health. The better you are able to take care of yourself, in regards to your sleep, your exercise, your food decisions, the better you will feel on every level. You will be able to think more clearly, in turn make better decisions and be able to do more physically. Requiring more out of your body requires fine tuning your mind, and this changes your character.

The better you take care of your mind and body, the more you naturally build and develop the character qualities that becoming and remaining successful requires. Start with your health. Use these examples of ways to get back your time, give a chunk of that time to rebuilding your mind and body.

In this post you received a few firecrackers to blast past your excuses of not having enough time to pursue your goals and dreams.

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