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A Look Into My Success Philosophy

A Look Into My Success Philosophy

I have a success philosophy that works pretty well.

When you work hard, show up daily, put in the effort you will see the results you are after. Building to this level of focus, commitment, energy, and output takes time, but it is worth it.  I have incredible life altering goals that motivate me and my success philosophy is like the glue for each of my goals coming to fruition.

Each and every day I will make progress on at least one of my goals.

If you were to look at my calendar in which I record which goals I have worked on each day, you would see very few days that were totally empty. And if you looked at the week leading up to those days of no progress/effort made towards a goal, you’d find extra work put in before that day off to make up for it. You would see many, many days in which I put in the effort and time on two or three of my bigger goals.

Want to know something crazy? I have no set schedule. None. As a busy mom juggling all those house duties, mom and wife duties, 2 careers that are taking off (which happen to be dream passion careers by the way), the words – “Just be flexible.” swirl in my mind often. Throw in the school schedule that has an early out or day off almost every week, plus those lovely flu bugs – the one thing I know I can count on – my week schedule not going anywhere near planned.

Yet, I achieve more in one week than most do in a month. I’ve built my careers around everything else in my life and made it happen because I refuse to make excuses and I refuse to settle for living my life at a level lower than I know I am capable of.

The truth is, when you are focused and decisive and intentional with your efforts, you will achieve far more than you ever realized was possible.

Come each December, you will have likely already achieved your years’ goals before the last two weeks of the year are over. In fact, you will likely already be working on next year’s goals and figuring out just how big you can make them.

Another aspect of my success philosophy is applying the process for success. Yes, that’s right, success is simply a process and once you learn this process you can apply it to any and every goal and dream your heart and soul can aspire after. I talk about this process for success in my EBook The Point of the Marathon (its on Amazon) and I am also going to be teaching an entire goal setting course based off this success process!

If you are tired of trying to set goals only to be giving up and quitting shortly after you start, if you can get going on them, this course is for you!

In it you will learn how I juggle all my responsibilities yet find plenty of time every week to invest into my dream careers. You will learn dozens of awesome tactics for handling life’s challenges, build a success mindset and finally understand why it is you haven’t been achieving up to this point. It’s packed with great tutorials, study guides, worksheets and sneak peaks into my book The Decision which is not yet published in which the goal setting content is powerful! You can learn more about my “It’s Time to Achieve.” course by clicking here.

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