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Sticking With Plan A is Your Key to Success

Sticking With Plan A is Your Key to Success

Often people ask “How do I know where to start? What should I create? How will I know if it will work?”

HSP’s (Highly Successful People) tend to only have Plan A for their endeavors and the reason why is because they know if they are staying true to who they are and what they know –

They will have inner fuel and drive to strive after it.

Staying true to themselves means they are on purpose and are passionate about what they are doing. They are naturally lined up with  their vision.

They ARE IT, that is they already are the person they teach about being. The aspects of their lives already ARE there, at a higher, successful level.

        They don’t just sort of know what they are talking about and doing – they KNOW. They ‘Get it.’

This means they understand what they know on so many different levels that they can teach it in multiple ways, in various formats to all kinds of people.

They only need Plan A because they know so much about what they are doing and who they are and the why behind it all (on purpose in life) – they know they just need to adjust the outer variables to get it working right.  They are so passionate about it (interested in and enjoy getting better at it) that whatever skills and knowledge they still need to acquire is viewed a fun opportunity to love it even more.

We see a lot of people who say “Test the market first and then develop it.” However, this sets you up for failure because this suggests that if no one bites on the first try then you just give it up and try plans B, C and D. People who go this route are those who don’t know who they are, what they are about and why.

They are fishing in a big ocean trying to figure out what fish they want to catch if any at all. Their plan is the little worm on the hook.

But if you are on purpose and are passionate about what you are doing – you don’t need to give it up. You just have to change your approach until you find one that works.

HSP’s are the ocean. They are the environment, they create the atmosphere for their endeavors to thrive and expand from. They are it. The fish are what they offer via products/services to the fishermen and the fish evolve and spawn into various species that naturally fit in the ocean environment.

The difference is – when you know who you are, what you are about and literally already are it – you’ve got power and wisdom (knowledge + experience)!

When you ARE IT, you are the one creating the whole environment and experience for others.

HSP’s succeed because they know to just change a few variables/aspects of their endeavor until they get it right. They stay on the original map and make adjustments here and there along the way, gaining clarity as they go. (Learning along the way).

They have no fear of failure for the sheer fact that they are already what they know and do (what they are selling). They are it, they are alive and doing well by being themselves naturally, thus their creations also will thrive.  Failing isn’t even really a terms HSP’s use – instead HSP’s use words like opportunity, moments to learn from, and to do next.

Their creations will thrive because those creations are a natural extension of who they already are.


If you have enjoyed playing the piano for ten years, it is a natural extension for you to begin playing at live events for a fee, to record a few cds, to teach others how to play the piano, to participate in an orchestra and so on.

It doesn’t take much additional learning and growing to develop basic marketing and business skills for these endeavors. Because being a pianist is already a part of who you are and you are passionate about it, and you are naturally decent at it, expanding outwards is not much of a stretch for you. You can’t fail at it unless you stop working at the learning curve required for expanding outwards.

Highly successful people also think in terms of:

“How can I?”

“I wonder….”

“I need to learn more about…”

“Let’s try another angle.”

Maybe the pianist ventured into playing at weddings for a fee and now makes an income.  The small business takes off and wedding guests begin to ask the pianist if they offer lessons. The pianist gives teaching piano lessons a try. The pay however isn’t as good, and takes up normal practice time and doesn’t give the pianist the same level of joy that playing for a crowd does.

Instead of just giving up teaching lessons and continuing only playing for weddings, the pianist now considers maybe auditioning for a band/orchestra.  A few years later, with encouragement from wedding guests and other musicians, the pianist goes about creating a cd to sell on their website where information is provided about piano services they offer.

When you are aligned you will create success naturally because the endeavors you pursue are natural extensions of who you already are.

Apply these principles in your life and watch as doors of opportunity begin to appear and open up for you. Pursue the things in life that you are passionate about – things that you have childlike curiosity about and enjoyment for.

When you are inquisitive about the subject, learning is fun and the challenges are internally rewarding. The things in life that you are naturally wanting to learn more about, this is the universe giving you clues to your purpose in life.

For when we are lined up with our purpose (which we will indeed be passionate about), it comes easily. Yes, there will be learning and growth required along the way, but it is sought out with intensity and natural enlightenment. This is that difference, that pivotal point in which we decide to continue tweaking Plan A until it works or we give it up (and in turn let go of that natural alignment) and go with plan b.

Success has to come because that which is natural is solid and it is powerful.

When you are doing that which you love you ignite the internal fire inside of you that no outside person or thing can put out. It is a powerful, peace driven force that is insurmountable.


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