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Staying Focused

Staying Focused

It doesn’t matter who you are or how successful you are – everyone at some point struggles.

Many find the struggle in the middle of the timeline of their goals – the excitement of taking on a new adventure has passed and it can be hard to stay focused and keep putting in the work when the work has become boring.

Others find the struggle in getting started – not knowing just how to begin – and keep going.

Some simply like pursuing new feats and the challenge arrives near the finish line – for these folks its about the pursuit not the reward.

And if you live in winter country you may dread January – the mid of winter – where your ability to get out and about and do what you want often gets thwarted by the lovely weather. This goes the same for those living in the desert and wisely handling the heat.

Maybe life is going great (kudos to you!) and you are actually bored because life is easy (feel free to exchange shoes with another person for a day).

Perhaps life right now is a real hurricane (or blizzard) and you are simply trying stay afloat.

It can be tough. This is life.

Life has its seasons. Ups and downs, time for growing and learning, time for changing, time for relaxing.

Those who make it – are the ones who stay focused and keep their chin up throughout all the seasons.

Sometimes you conquer a lot in short time, and at other times you work hard for little gain.

To achieve that goal though – you must commit and keep your eyes, your heart and your mind focused on where you are wanting to go and who you will need to become to make that goal reality.

Every time you can work towards it, even just a step or two, every day you can climb one rung up on ladder, you lift yourself higher and closer to it.

Embrace who you are right now and what this season is bringing you. Always be flexible in how you will arrive at that desired destination. Stay focused. Keep working as best you know how and do your best to make your best stronger and wiser.

Remember ~ A skilled sailor who finds the courage to face the seas, learns to handle rough waters with ease.


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  1. Reply Meredith

    So true! I have so many ideas, but it’s hard to stay focus when executing them. I like the analogy of climbing one rung at a time, and getting a little closer bit by bit. Thanks for the inspiring words…exactly what I needed to hear today!

  2. Reply sara

    Needed encouragement! Thank you!

  3. Reply Liza | @aMusingFoodie

    Definitely have to stay fluid and flexible!

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