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If you are interested in booking me for your organization, conference, event, school, or athletic team for a Success and Motivation workshop please contact me at

Please include in your request your location, estimated size of audience and details about the audience. In addition please include information about specific topics you’d like addressed.

Each speaking engagement is uniquely created towards the needs of the targeted audience.

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Current Workshops:

Gaining Insight Into True Goal Achievement

& The Process for Success

  • What the faulty goal system looks like and why it doesn’t work.
  • Learn exactly what a goal is and what setting one requires.
  • Gain insight into your life platform and how it impacts your goals and success.
  • Learn the true process for success applicable to all areas in life.
  • How to set goals that keep your focus and interest until you achieve them.
  • Tactics for overcoming common challenges while in pursuit of your goals.
  • Study Guides, Worksheets and Q & A sessions to build clarity and get you started.

Pursuing Your Passion – The Authentic Alignment of Goals with Your Life Purpose

  • Learn how to follow your passions to find your life purpose.
  • Learn how to line up your goals with your passions.
  • Discover Elements That Contribute to Your Success
  • Build authenticity.
  • Insight into the Process for Success
* This workshops combines wonderfully with It’s Time to Achieve!

How to Build A Professional Platform – Raising the Bar Professionally by Expanding Your Platform

  • Learn what an expanded platform is and why you need one!
  • How to build an expanded platform.
  • How to utilize your platform to increase your reach, engagement and opportunities.
  • How to set yourself apart from others in the industry.
  • Tips for utilizing social media, networking and collaboration.
  • Insights into marketing yourself as an author.
  • Tips to improve your live events (book signings, workshops etc).
  • How to truly be prepared and ready professionally when querying agents and publishers to get noticed!
* This is a fantastic workshop for all professionals eager to grow! Content adjusts for events not related to the writing industry.

How to Raise the Bar for a Higher Level of Living

  • Exposure to living life at a higher level.
  • Learn about and develop a highly successful approach to life.
  • Underlying foundations for success.
  • Ownership & Empowerment.
  • Leadership.
  • How to apply the success process.
  • Character, mindset, belief system, decision making.
  • Professionalism
  • Successful coaching and athlete’s mindset.

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