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Six Week Results – Applying Holly Homer Method

Six Week Results – Applying Holly Homer Method

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Today I’m going more into what I have learned and gained from applying Holly Homer’s method for growing social media as a blogger, particularly your Facebook page.

You can check out what I learned and applied in  Week One, Week Two, Week Three and/or read a summary of the first month’s results in Week Four.

A big success lesson to learn about and understand is one, to always have a learning mindset. Be willing to learn new things and ways of going about what you do daily. Also that growth is a process, a learning curve and it takes time.

I did not expect overnight instant success with applying Holly’s methods, in fact my intentions were to have continued gradual growth for this year while I keep my focus on my other writing endeavors. My approach is anything that helps, helps.

I’m now seven weeks into applying Holly’s method. The basics for her method:

  1. Share one of your new/better posts daily.
  2. Share a great post of someone else’s.
  3. Create an interactive post for your fans.

Now she has a whole team helping her, and she actually posts 24/7. I’m not kidding about that.

My expectations are to simply do what I can. My goals are to  share one of my new/better posts daily, share someone else’s post that is doing well (as long as it applies to my niche), and if I don’t have an interactive post then I reshare one of my blog posts from the archives.

I want to point out two important things that I’ve learned here, and these really work.

One is that this is a cyclical process. The more times you repeat this during the day/week, the bigger reach and success you will likely have. (It may take a few weeks to pick up)

Two is in regards to the sharing of someone else’s post. Now you could just share any post you find that is getting a huge number of views. But I’m not running an everything goes page.

The reason this works so well for Holly’s page is her niche is a combination of kid’s activities, arts and crafts and recipes.  Each of these are huge niches and there are always popular posts to share.

As a blogger, or professional with social media accounts, you need to take a step back from the googly eyes focusing on big numbers.

You need to always have in your mind thinking about the big picture.


What is it you do?

What is the role/purpose of your social media accounts?

Who are your followers? Why are they following you?

What is your future vision for your brand?

Where and how are you going to grow?


While it’s ok to toss out a totally random post that is really cool – you’ve got to stay true to your purpose/brand concept most of the time.

So in applying this myself – the first few weeks I struggled trying to find stuff that pertained to success, motivation, athletes, and writers. I realized some of the groups (while useful for other reasons) I belong to and follow have nothing to do with what I do. So I set out to find some new people/groups to follow and share from.

And I’ve found success with it, once I found stuff that actually relates to who I am and what I do and my vision for my brand.

Every time I have shared a great post in my niche – my reach doubled or tripled AND my engagement increased from my followers.

So when applying the concept of ‘Share a great post from someone else’ I think also applying an additional rule will work best.

And that rule is: Most of the time, share a great post of someone else’s that is related to your niche/purpose/followers. And once in a while, when you find an incredible post that you simply can’t resist sharing, share it.

Here are my results from Week Four to Week Six:

FB Page Likes: 958 up to 983  

FB Reach: 25-50 views upwards 100+ if my post is up after I share someone elses’.

FB Engagement: up and down

Website Traffic: avg 25-50 views day

Compared to six weeks ago:

FB likes: 845  Now: 983

FB reach: maybe 25 now 25-50+

FB engagement: its varied

Website Traffic: Was maybe up to 20 views day, now 25-50 on avg.

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