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Six Months Into Blogging Part Two

Six Months Into Blogging Part Two

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You can read the first post in what I have learned in my first Six Months of Blogging, there were simply too many great things to point out to put in one post.

Other things I am learning quickly:

Now this is personal preference, but in studying the difference between niches of bloggers, if you are in the crafty/recipe category fill your blog with large, pretty pictures and lots of color. I personally despise sites that have too much on them in terms of design, however I have noticed the blogs who do this seem to be doing quite well.

If you’re blog is more educational, about careers, money, teaching something – keep your website more simple and less crowded with stuff. I’ve observed that successful educational sites seem to keep things simple, direct, with a cleaner design.

I could really go into personality types here – obviously business oriented minds are more direct and straight to the point, while artsy minds like lots of color and action going on (visually).

Another big difference between successful bloggers and not – the usage of videos!

Now, this is a venture I really am learning about and working towards creating for my site. Videos are just huge and bring in a great amount of traffic.

What goes on in videos is actually what goes on with your blog/book’s content – if you want to learn more sign up for my newsletter to learn about this aspect of writing/blogging – it is also  the topic of my first ebook Focus and Value.

Another observation is the creation of products, whether tangible (for those crafty folks) or downloadable (printouts, ebooks, learning programs).  This has been a component of my long term goals for a long time way before I ever thought about creating a website.

The reason why you should consider creating and selling a product is that it makes you step out of your traditional blogging mindset and requires you to learn and grow as you produce the product. You have to learn how to create your product, how to launch it, how to market it etc. All valuable skills to add to your name. Plus you get to make money from it.

Many bloggers get stuck in a mindset of “I have nothing to sell, I can’t do that.” Wrong!

Everyone has unique talents, hobbies, knowledge, skills, and passions. And the world is huge, filled with people of all different pursuits and knowledge levels – who will gladly pay to learn what you know about and know how to do it. Failing to monetize yourself is like someone waving a hundred dollar bill in front of your face daily and you turning around and walking away.

The opportunities are endless.

So if you haven’t monetized your blog – add learn how to monetize my talents onto your goals for the coming year.

Here are my 10 Most Important Observations for Blogging Success

  1.  What is your purpose for your blog?
  2. Have an open mindset and be willing to learn.
  3. Give back. Teach and share what you learn along the way.
  4. Utilize Facebook and social media groups. Both ones in and outside your niche.
  5. Monetize your blog/site in some way! Big Time Potential!
  6. Try new things. Stop what isn’t working for you.
  7. Use a clean or active design – learn how to make it work for you.
  8. Learn how to incorporate videos as a way to reach new followers.
  9. Create a product. It’s a source of income and yet another way to interact with followers.
  10. Your #1 Focus is on you! It is your blog, your work and your name.


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