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Signs of Progress

Signs of Progress


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Some simple things I discuss in my books are how to tell when you are in fact making progress and making good decisions and are actually growing as a person and moving along with your ambitions.

Part of success is A) Finding great mentors who do what it is you want to do, and B) exposing yourself to similar environments so you can learn and grow while on your path to what it is you actually aim to do and become. There is also C) learning that everything that seems big now will someday become small as you continue to grow and begin to aim higher.

Here is an example.

I’ve been working on creating two new careers for myself for some time now. In this season of my life, as a mom to young kids, they are obviously my number one priority, so I’ve approached these new careers with focus, intent, and planned action on a slow but steady timetable.

I’ve kept my eyes open for these similar environments to get my foot in the door, build experience, gain a little more knowledge and observe. A few have popped up here and there but either didn’t work with our family’s schedule, or didn’t align and match up with my talents and desires for learning and growth. So I’ve stayed on track with what I am doing and am making great progress forward.

Sometimes you may find yourself wondering what the right decision to make is in these kinds of moments.

Here are the signs you are doing things right and making progress:

1. You don’t just accept anything – especially if it is not the right fit. Changes in your life need to enchance your ambitions and fit your needs, not make life more difficult. In other words – you stop molding yourself to what is out there, and if it’s not out there then you create it for yourself!

2. When you are focused on creating what you do want, you find that in a rather short amount of time, you’re whole outlook on what seemed like a good springboard (foot in door) would have been a complete waste of what you are doing and can offer. In other words, you are creating your own thing, life, career – you are doing your own thing!

3. You totally side step and go right around that tiny little opportunity because you know and believe in what you are doing and who you are becoming, and that is so much BIGGER than that tiny little opportunity the old you would have pounced on. Your vision and outlook is so much bigger now, and you absolutely will not settle for less than what you are worth.

4. You’re learning to observe life around you and are able to think of potential opportunities. You get frustrated with what is currently out there. You see the lack of, the ways to improve, the multiple opportunities for growth and improvement. You are making progress when you realize you are not in those job positions with that company and that that is a good thing! You are building your future based on what you believe you can do and are worth. If they want to fail and not make progress let them and avoid going down with them. If you stay focused on what you are doing and where you are going you will likely gain half their business in a very short amount of time. (you can’t fix that which doesn’t realize it needs a lot of fixing!)

Remember as you go about your week and in the coming months, the decisions you make now very much define the life you will be living a year or two from now. These decisions matter big time. Stay focused on who you want to become and what you believe you are capable of giving the world.

Remember to think long term with a big vision. Something may look good on the outside, but with careful observation may not actually help you grow and move up in life. When you stop trying to please everyone else, and focus on where you are deciding to go and who you are deciding to become, everything changes. It is no longer about just what you can do for others, but also the return.

What you do with your time, energy, and talents fully deserves an equal return for what you give to others (or to a company). Begin to approach life with a bigger mindset, realize what looks great now might not match up with your destiny. In other words, don’t set low ceilings on your life. Listen to your instincts, to every yellow or red flag that pops up. And think as big as you possibly can, then figure out how to think bigger!

That ‘opportunity’ that looks great, could end up being all that you could become. In fact, when you get past that moment of it looking great, it may in reality be have been a very small moment that could have kept you stuck for a long time.

Always believe in the biggest you can believe in. If others want to settle, let them. If others want to fail, let them.

Stick to your vision for who it is you want to become and keep trucking until you completely arrive.

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  1. Reply Sam @ PancakeWarriors

    My vision is big I just hope that I can work towards my goals without missing other opportunities. I feel so focused, that some other things may in fact pass me by!

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