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Shift Your Thoughts to “What If It Does Work?”

what if it does work

Shift Your Thoughts to “What If It Does Work?”


 As we continue in our Getting Out of Our Comfort Zones series, I want to guide you learning how to shift your thoughts to more positive outcomes. Gathering the courage to step beyond our comfort zones can be challenging and scary, but it doesn’t need to be. I want to help you create that shift from “What am I doing? This isn’t going to go well.” To “What if it does work?”


What’s Your Why?

We recently discussed the importance of knowing your WHY for having selected this goal to go after in the first place. Creating goals that align with your passion and purpose in life provides natural doses of courage and positive thinking that come from within.

Knowing your WHY gives you the confidence you need to step out of your comfort zone and take the action steps your goal requires of you.


Rebuilding Our Mindset for Success

If we want to achieve goals consistently, create positive changes in our life and have a life that we enjoy, we’ve got to realize that just like everything else, building a success mindset is something we have to seek out and learn how to develop.

Our mindset and approach to life we’ve either been taught or exposed to and then we decided to confirm it into our beliefs, thinking process and habits.

Shirking back every time life or a goal asks you to step up and out is merely a habit. This is a habit and approach to life that you CAN rise above and reset.

If you want to learn more about building a mindset for success, read that article as it is a great place to begin.


Making the Transition

The first step to transition from “I can’t. I won’t. Nope.” To “I can. I’m going to try. This is possible for me to do.” Is to simply observe. You can’t create any changes in how you do things until you can recognize when and where the new action and behavior needs to happen.

Try to pay attention this week and catch yourself in moments where you tell yourself “I can’t.” Watch your posture in different environments and around various people.

The places in your day in which you revert to your small self are the exact moments in your day that applying the shift will do wonders for you.

Be sure to write down the moments you can observe in which you step back instead of up and forward.

If you have a goal you’ve been struggling with, pay close attention to how you decide, act, think and feel every time you approach more challenging action steps. See if you can identify your old limiting patterns that have been holding you back.


Create the Change

Now that you’ve identified some places in your life, especially with your goals, that you can work on stepping out of your comfort zones, it’s time to create that shift and make change happen.

With continued practice, you can recognize fairly quickly when you are starting to step back instead of forwards. When you observe this happening, start utilizing some of the tools below for creating a better approach that will boost your courage and having you taking bigger action.

Create Affirmations –

               Take time to create action oriented affirmations to replace your limiting thoughts. Write 2-3 affirmations down that fill you with the most courage and carry them around with you. When you notice yourself acting small and timid, whip out your immediate confidence boosters and repeat them a few times. Read this to learn how to create powerful affirmations.

Use a List of Accomplishments –

               This is one of my favorite tools because it really works in giving you a total boost for taking action and making progress every day. It’s the perfect Go To solution for those days when you are feeling insecure, unsure and filled with doubt. Learn how to create your List of Accomplishments here.

Break it Down –

               Often, we slow our momentum down or come to an abrupt halt simply due to the fact that we have not taken the time to break our goal down into it’s necessary steps to achieve it. Inaction is the result of lacking clarity in what we are to be doing, how we can go about it and why this step is necessary. If you are struggling to make progress take the time to clarify what these next couple of action steps are all about. See if there are any other ideas you can come up with. When we first set out after a goal, we usually do not know or see all that we will need to learn and do along the way. We have to regularly pause, observe and make some adjustments to our plan.

Create a What If It Works list –

               If you took time to work out your why in the beginning of your goal setting process, this should be a relatively easy tool to create. A What if It Does Work list is just that, a list of all the wonderful ways the actions you are taking can work and what those results would look like.  This is where you are thinking about things in the best possible light. You focus in on the results you desire to have, feel and experience. What happens when you go full out with this exercise, is that the more you add to your What if It Works list, the quicker all of your excuses and doubts fade away. This is where and how you rise above your fears and step out in boldness and faith.


Our Approach Makes All the Difference

With the What If It Works list, you can see and feel the difference in how a positive, successful approach creates much better results.

The fears, doubts and limitations you’ve been hiding behind and shying away from can totally melt away with building a successful approach to our goals and handling the challenges along the way.

Our goals require us to learn and grow along the way, otherwise we’d already have the results we want.

This means we will experience points along the journey that are going to feel a little uncomfortable. We will wind up stepping into new experiences and having to just wing it at times. You’ve got to trust your ability to adjust and thrive in the moment. You’ve got to create the shift and believe that stepping out of your comfort zone is a great opportunity for you to learn how to become the person capable of maintaining the results once your goal is achieved.

Getting out of our comfort zones is nothing to be scared of. Create that shift. Start seeing obstacles and the unknown as opportunities instead of barriers. Know that you will reach your goal in due time and welcome moments to expand your comfy bubble.

Every time we step out of our comfort zones we get stronger, wiser and more confident. All it takes is practice. Before you know it, taking those big steps of action that once stopped you, they will become tiny puddles for you to hop right over.

Our Approach Makes All the Difference!


*Take the time to read the related articles and go through those exercises. Prepare yourself for success by utilizing tools and resources that will give you that extra boost when you need it most.


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