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Setting The Example

Setting The Example

Your mind, your body, your life is exactly what you decide to put into it.

What you feed your mind and focus on will become energy that flows into all that you do.

Your body and how you decide to maintain it – determines the energy, strength, durability and resistance that flows into all of your physical activities and exterior resources. (Exterior resources would be relationships, careers, hobbies, etc)

Your life is a direct reflection of what you decide each and every day for it to be.

And this is the challenge for Fit Moms – living the example of what it is to be Fit & Healthy.

A healthy lifestyle takes work – planning, focus, drive, priority shifting, balancing of resources (time, energy, finances, and relationships). It takes direct, clear cut decision making. There is so much power behind and within this direct decision making process.

A strong and physically fit body takes effort, discipline, dedication and sheer work. And learning to balance the intense level of activity with rest.

The challenge lies not in building a healthy lifestyle or creating a strong fit body – but in the mental game the world tries to create and lure you – the Fit Mom into.

We are criticized, judged, somehow shamed and told that just by deciding to be healthy and fit that we are then in fact shaming those who decide to live unhealthy lifestyles.

With our sweat, tears and pain, we have molded our bodies into beautiful, functioning machines of strength and agility. Yet, if we wear just a sports bra and short workout shorts – whether it is because we are about to work out in high heat conditions or simply because we look good doing so (we’ve earned it after all), we will receive one comment after another.

It is ok in today’s world for an overweight person to find the confidence to wear little, but for a fit Mom – nope. Doing so comes with snarky comments, put downs and judgment.

What is wrong with wearing a tiny tank top and shorts when you have toned arms and legs, defined abs, and confidence to do so? It is much better to look at is it not?

Judge away but if you had the choice of which to look at – you’d pick the fitter of the two.

In reality – the Fit Mom who does decide to go ahead with a much earned outfit of less, has the normal insecurities, doubts, and anxieties that everyone else has. And more pressure. After all, she is the Fit Mom, the one setting the example for everyone else.

After the hours and hours of pushing our physical limits, when we, the fit mom, indulge in a heaping stack of syrupy pancakes or eat a second spoonful of cookie dough, it is blown off like the seedlings of a dandelion.

“Of course you can eat whatever you want.”

To this lies the ignorance. While yes, we can often eat what we want and how much we want to, being able to indulge in tasty treats is more gratifying. For planning and prepping healthier snacks and meals requires more than time and work, it requires real focus and discipline. Combined with the busyness of leading our families and trying to set a good example, sometimes we are just like everyone else – out of time, out of energy, and with growling stomachs. The pressure is higher for the Fit Mom, to always eat well and never indulge.

Along with this comes the celebrations, the holidays, the ladies nights out. The desire for yummy treats and margaritas is no less for the Fit Mom, than for any other. But the consequences matter more. A second serving of cake, or eating extra slices of pizza, or one margarita too many throws off the Fit Mom’s body – and ability to perform at the desired level the next day, in all her duties, not just her workouts.

She knows this, but the desire to fit in with family and friends, the need to avoid snarky remarks and external questioning of her personal decisions and quests, it all rests front and center in her mind.

Sometimes just eating like everyone else is easier.

For some Fit Moms, those who are truly on top of their game, have reached a level of internal guidance and confidence to set aside all external opinions. It isn’t about them.

It’s about her, the Fit Mom, and she will make good decisions and she will reach her goals.

When the kids are up sick all night, when the weather deters the day’s entire schedule, when work runs late, when under the weather herself…the Fit Mom keeps on going.

She puts in the time, puts in the effort, puts in the focus, gathers the courage, builds her self-belief, and works. She works, she sweats, she grunts, she sometimes cusses, but she gets it done.

The Fit Mom knows the difference in deciding to live fit and healthy and not. Deciding to make wiser choices in food selections, deciding to make health and wellness a priority and not a wish, deciding to require more of herself physically and mentally. For doing so gives her renewed energy and strength, ability and endurance, to bear all, to hold the rest of her life together.  If she doesn’t show her children, spouse, and friends how to be fit, healthy, strong and capable who will?

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Comments (9)

  1. Reply Janine Huldie

    I love how you say that the Fit Mom will just get it done and while I am not overweight by any means and have a descent shape, I am not truly a fit mom, but still try my best and yes I too just keep going. So, very much can relate and thanks for the reminder here today!

  2. Reply Kristen

    This is SPOT on. It’s so funny…I made the choice to get fit again today and I’ve felt great all day! I put me first (imagine that) and worked out early. I’ve eaten great all day and just felt more relaxed and less stressed. Exercise is a huge piece of the puzzle for me…loved this!

  3. Reply Vicky

    we had the flu, bronchitis and pneumonia flowing through our house for 3 weeks. It rad awful. When I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel I said to my sons “I can’t wait to get neck to exercising. I miss moving!” To which my son responded with, “Really? You always complain about working out. I thought you didn’t like it.” I had no idea my fully whining when I was tired at 8:00 or my griping when I had 100 things to do at 3:00 was sending such a terrible message. I determind how they view exercise and health in general. Another lesson in “think before you speak.”

  4. Reply April Rutherford

    Thanks for the encouragement and reminders!

  5. Reply Amy

    Thank you for the motivation! I need to keep working on my fitness.

  6. Reply Jenn

    Yup, I too am working on my fitness and trying to become more active. Thank you so much for the motivation.

  7. Reply Shailee Butalia

    As soon as my doctor gave me the okay, I’ve been working on getting my body back. I’ve always been pretty active except during pregnancy and post-pregnancy (and it was killing me). I will gladly take the mean comments because my goal is not to look like a mom. I want to look 10 years younger and I definitely put in the work to do so. But the way I see it, at least my vanity keeps me healthy (physically and emotionally). I have a hard time understanding the people who don’t take the time to take care of themselves. I want everyone around me to feel as good about themselves as I do!

  8. Reply Lynne Streeter Childress

    This is fantastic. My healthy living can be very inconsistent. What you wrote is very encouraging!!

  9. Reply Krista -

    Thanks for stopping by MeetUp Monday! Hope to see you again tomorrow!

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