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Seeking Female Athletes

Seeking Female Athletes

I am seeking female athletes to interview in the sports of running, rock climbing, hot yoga, triathlons, stand up paddle boarding, and all forms of martial arts including boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, karate and taekwondo.

Candidates may be beginner or advanced in their sport, but have a strong and compelling life story tell about including one or more:

1) What makes their sport unique


2) Their sport is traditionally male dominated and how their presence as a female is changing the sport and what this means for girls/women wanting to try the sport


3) Willing to share how being an athlete in one of these sports has deeply influenced them as a woman and how they live and approach life.


4) I am particularly interested in female athletes who have a strong presence in and/or play vital roles in the support of athletic husbands/spouses. (Ex: Female athletes (and moms) married to Pro or Competitive athletes, co-own gyms, and/or are trainers/coaches for competitive female athletes).

I want these articles to share the love and passion the woman has for her sport, how the sport has influenced her as a woman/wife/mom/leader in her community. I want the women who read the articles to feel connected to the woman in the story, and to walk away feeling empowered and curious about what it might be like to become an athlete in these sports. It is also my hope to address and express unique issues/stigmatisms that may be associated with being a female athlete in these sports – so that the every day woman/wife/mom may embrace the idea of giving the sport a try having addressed basic fears/concerns/questions.

If you yourself are interested or know of a female athlete in these sports who is leading the way for other female athletes to follow, please inquire Nicolette Brink at for more information.


At this time there is no money compensation for contributing to this interview series.

All participants will receive full recognition (unless preferring to remain anonymous) within the article (and related social media), and will be provided with social media links and information about their story being published. Some articles may be submitted to larger publications. If such article is accepted by larger publication and monetary compensation is received, the participant will be notified and compensation will be shared. Further agreements about potential compensation will be discussed and agreed upon before any article is submitted to a larger publication.

*Special thanks to Carol Ann Williams and Danielle Koontz for the beautiful photo!*


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