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Results Week Three of Holly Homer Method

Results Week Three of Holly Homer Method

So this week a few things occurred:

  1. Facebook switched things up again and goodness who knows how to magically read and interpret their moves.
  2. I’ve been incredibly focused on building my big vision for my Site/Brand/Writing – I set up my co-schedule to post new and old posts 2-3 times a day this week to see what resulted (and to make up for that one weekend where I couldn’t schedule anything). A few posts have received less than 15 views, a few between 15-40 views.
  3. With my change in focus I am no longer going to spend the typical hour per day (I know it adds up) in FB bloggy groups trying to get my stuff shared. I just cannot spend that amount of time doing it. Yes it was getting me a few comments and shares but compared to the time invested – not worth it (I don’t think).
  4. I’ve also struggled to find quality sharable FB posts from other people. My niche is not recipes or arts n crafts or homeschooling – which is what a lot of bloggers do. I’d rather share a couple related great posts, than share a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with my niche. Being patient here.
  5. My ‘fun’ posts last week (you know the one that went mini viral The Point of the Marathon – and I ended up turning it into an entire EBook!) – I think it caused me to lose a few FB likes. In the end I still came out ahead – again my work is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people can’t handle a shot of whiskey now and then. People who are looking to grow and find success will find my stuff.

Week Three Results:

FB Page Likes: Was 955 now 958. Up 5. (again I lost a few too)

# FB Posts: est 20 (all types – mostly mine)

FB Reach: 330 (down from last week’s 1500)

FB Engagement: Down from last week but decent for my page

Website Views:

My traffic has remained steady – it actually picked up a little for daily average (30-70 views daily). I’m also working to switch gears (since I am tired of wasting so much time in FB groups) to working Pinterest more. I’ve found that pinning my new post plus repining 1-2 older ones in my Pinterest multi-people boards is bringing me steady (small for the moment) traffic. I am hoping this will help my traffic on weekends since I can’t be on FB much at all.

I also joined a mastermind group on FB that will hopefully help me with improving my weak areas of blogging (mailing list growth and building up to product launch).

*Something to think about if you are a blogger (especially a newer one). What is your long term vision? Where is it you are wanting to go?

I started out with the hopes of getting a following to grab a book agent’s eye to get published traditionally. Six months later I am about to launch two new products (EBooks), am receiving affiliate ad income (amazon), have been published in online publications and am now building an entire brand that I can carry with my writing career over the years. Not to mention I have YouTube videos being planned out, more products I want to create and a few even bigger projects I want to take on.

So if you are new to blogging, or your blog has been stagnant, think about where you are wanting to go with it and start opening your mind up to all these awesome opportunities out there for bloggers!


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