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Results Week Four Holly Homer Method

Results Week Four Holly Homer Method

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This entire month I’ve kept the Holly Homer principles in mind while I go about my blogging/writing work. Those tips are making sure to share other great posts (not mine), and I noticed that if I found one that was doing well – it would boost the views if I posted a great one of mine shortly after on my FB page. 

Unlike Holly, I don’t have a team to keep things posting 24/7, so I aim for three posts per day right now, one of my own (if not a new post than one from the archives), sharing someone else’s post (which I found challenging for my niche – so I now aim for 3-5 week, not daily), and also doing a daily engagement post like asking a question.

I still have a lot of work to do but again I am able to keep these concepts in my mind while I go about my work.

Three things happened this month that impacted the hoped for results in growing my social media. Actually there were 4 things.

One, I started this the week before Easter, and seeing as how my niche is not really holiday related – I may have found better luck starting the week after.

Two, I started working on a big project and this is where my focus has been (not in building my FB page).

Three, I had my first hot post – it went mini viral for me – giving me 800 views on my site in two days. I know that isn’t much for some bloggers, but this was a huge boost for me. It also gave me a mini test in how to deal with nasty commenters (I handled it quite well). The FB reach I had that week was over 1,500 which was just awesome!

Four, this last week – honest, I’m chillin. I have out of state family visiting – disrupting my entire working schedule so I simply kicked back and relaxed. During this time, I actually received more weekend traffic than I normally do and that was nice too see since I wasn’t on FB or my site at all.

One reason I wanted to document my observations and results while implementing the Holly Homer method was as a success author I wanted to show that even people who ‘understand’ things may not have immediate success. All success in any aspect of life is about learning and applying a process for success (combined with learning and growing along that process).

As a blogger (and having a website) this is all very new to me. I have learned a lot very, very quickly and hope to continue this learning curve.

Second, I wanted to point out a few things that I knew about success that I applied while applying the HH method to help me in implementing it.

One of those things was reminding myself that when you are taking on something new – it takes time. Especially if you are a one person team, and working on multiple ventures. If I wasn’t working on these other projects and could invest more time into my FB page – that would likely speed up my progress.

Also, I’m not just relying on site traffic from FB. I’m also working on my other social media accounts and am finding equal growth in those areas as well. Success is not about just working one single technique – it is about seeing the whole picture, how things work and come together to make the picture complete.

I’ve had ebbs and flows in my schedule, as most people do. Instead of getting frustrated with the changes, I’ve remained flexible and ultimately stay focused on the work that must get done to move me forward in the big scheme of things (my current writing project which is separate from my site, blogging, other writing projects, social media etc).

I was really excited to see one of my posts The Point of the Marathon, do well. Now, I had preplanned this post, as it was the first of a mini-series, and I wrote it in a way to rile readers up and it did. Instead of getting caught up in the nasty –almost silly comments it received, I stepped back and looked down the road. I actually, in the matter of a week, took this 3 post mini series and whipped it into an complete EBook. In one week.

This success tactic is first of all not being afraid to take risks and also being able to recognize opportunity.

I hope you’ve been able to learn a little from my observations and use them to help you apply and benefit from the ways Holly Homer described in her video to growing her FB page. I will be doing a few more related posts, hopefully one at the six week, eight week, six months and one year mark.

I will be continuing to work on making these ideas more consistent in the coming year and seeing just how they impact my social media (especially FB page) and blogging tactics.

Here are my 4 Week Stats:

4 weeks ago:                      Now:

FB page likes: 845   Now:   958      This is a nice increase!

FB posts to page: averaged 10-15 week, now average 25 week.

FB reach: A month ago one post would reach maybe 25 people. Now a post reaches 25-50 + views. If I find a great article to share (not mine) then post a good one of mine shortly after, my reach for that post gets 70-100+ views. I noticed this on a few occasions!

FB engagement: Up and down. The first two weeks I had great engagement (due to my use of daily FB groups to share posts in). The last two weeks I haven’t been doing this and engagement is down but I am still seeing steady traffic to my site.

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  1. Reply Lynne Huysamen

    Thanks for sharing!

    I watched her vid clip and will be trying out some of her ideas soon 🙂

  2. Reply Amanda

    I really need to check out Holly’s stuff. I’ve kinda given up on FB, and I need to get a better strategy.

  3. Reply Kenda

    I’m going to have to try some of her methods – never heard of her before!

  4. Reply Ronda Ogilvie

    congrats on your 800 views! That is great, and I think it is good for writers to take some family “chill” days! This way we are rested and motivated and inspired after a few good days off! I think, just keep writing good content and the rest will follow! have an awesome day and go viral!! 😉

  5. Reply sara

    Don’t be afraid to take risks!!! So true

  6. Reply Angie Nelson

    I have had great success with her method though I have had to adjust things along the way. Question posts didn’t do well for me, but I’m getting awesome reach and engagement by focusing on sharing strictly popular posts from my blog and within my industry (I get those from places like BuzzSumo, Swayy, popular stuff on Pinterest, etc.). I rarely share my new posts on Facebook anymore. Instead, I work from a list of my most popular each month.

  7. Reply Lynndee

    Congratulations on your hot post. I would be jumping for joy if that would happen to one of my posts too. 🙂

  8. Reply Allison (

    I will have to check into this. Been having better luck on twitter and not much luck on FB if the post is not promoted. Thanks for the information.

  9. Reply Leslie

    Interesting insights. What I’ve found is working for me on FB is to concentrate on getting lots of followers. It seems to me that the more followers you have, the more your posts get seen. I used to have basically no reach AT ALL, and it has improved so much! Engagement, not so much. I will be looking forward to your next update!

  10. Reply ali @little miss poof

    I am a new blogger! Thanks for the advice and tips. I am glad you saw improvement 🙂

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