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Results Week 9 of Applying Holly Homer Method

Results Week 9 of Applying Holly Homer Method

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I thought I’d be doing a follow up after my 8th week, however I got buried in some other work and realized it would be best to wait one more week. So this post is all about applying Holly Homer Method week’s 7-9. If you’ve been following my other posts related to her method, you will note I’ve been tossing in additional things I’ve noticed and learned as a blogger too and this post is packed full of great information and tips.

In regards to the HH method, truly it works. The more you post, even if only a small number of people see each post, it adds up over a day and a few weeks. I was truly worried when I began that it would be the SAME group of people seeing the same post again and again but honest I don’t think it is. I’m still getting solid reach, slowly increase in engagement and not a single person has said they keep seeing the same stuff. (If you are by all means say so! FB is wacky and we never know who sees what.) I also realized that my personal FB feed has only seen a few of my business page’s posts.

Also, I had mentioned that when you share someone else’s post that is doing well on your page, quickly followed by a great post of yours – it will also do well. This has held true for me during this time.

The 7th week – I was working hard on other things and had two quiet posts and heard crickets. Was kind of expected as I prepped for upcoming weeks which I am now in (launching my first EBook Focus and Value).

During the 8th week I actually began my EBook pre-launch and launch. I had two excellent posts (Six Months Into Blogging) that each did very well on all social media.

Week 9 is when I launched my first EBook. I managed to find some good posts to share on my page and made sure I was sharing at least 3-4 of my posts daily.

I also for one entire week prescheduled all of my EBook launch posts using FB’s scheduler. I uploaded my three related videos and also shared with direct link to each of them on YouTube again. I had a lot going on and what happened was that I received solid reach and engagement! It was extra work and it also paid off.

My reach actually tripled this week! I mean my #FB followers is at 1,120 and  my reach this week has averaged between 950 and 1,100 the entire week, including the weekend which is usually quiet for me. That is a HUGE improvement from the 3-400 reach I’d been getting earlier this spring.

Things I did:

I shared 2-3 older posts daily on FB, spread throughout the day.  I had updated a few older posts that related to my EBook to include links to the EBook in them. I marketed hard my related posts that had a link to my new EBook in it.

I also tried something different – I now manually share my new blog posts onto my FB page (the old ones are still done via co-schedule). These posts are now having reach of 50+ and some have seen 200+. The old ones have also have an improved reach from maybe 20 just a month ago to 30-50.

I had also shared a few posts/videos from others that did well on my page too.

During this time I also had another article published on Mom’s Magazine – Yikes! It’s Summer!”

The 8th week is also the first week I’ve had where daily views on my site averaged 50+ except for one day. A few days crossed 100+. This is great! I know it is small for many but this is solid for my new little blog while I’ve been working like a horse on book projects.

I also uploaded one of my first videos “How Do I Create a Book That Sells?”  instead of just sharing the link to it on YouTube. It had quick reach 180+ in about 12 hours and 60 views. However I goofed on this, and didn’t include a link to my channel or call to action (even though both were in the video).

When you upload a video it doesn’t count as views on your YouTube channel. The videos I uploaded did really well, they had big reach and several viewings for each one. The ones I simply linked to didn’t do as well but compared to a regular text/pic post – it was still almost double the reach!

Notice I’ve also had solid growth in FB page likes too (almost 200 in last 3-4 weeks).

One thing that has happened for me is the steadiness of Pinterest. While my following is still small (and growing) all it takes is one person to a domino effect sending you a steady stream of traffic and bring you more followers.

I had one person pin one of my older posts and bring me 30+ views to my site in two days. Now that is not big, but this happened for me on a weekend when my numbers usually tank a bit. Those extra views brought my weekend average up. And those 30 people who checked it out, sure enough a few pinned it too.

Pinterest is like a gigantic spider web beautifully weaved. One person re-pins your pin to their 300 followers. 5 of their followers re-pin your pin to their 500 followers each. Etc.  You never know when one of your pins will take off.

If you’re posting successfully (inluding links to other related posts, having share buttons, affiliate ads, call to action within your posts) you are likely to capture some of this traffic and redirect them where you want them to go.

Awhile back I talked about how time consuming it is to be in all these FB bloggy groups. I absolutely love/hate them. The people in the groups are wonderful! Always kind and helpful!! The hate part is in the time it takes to share in each of them and reciprocate the love they give you. I use to do this daily, now I do this only when I have a post being published that day. This has saved me hours every week! And I make sure to share love back – this is very important!

I also try to take note for when good threads pop up in my feed (like a follow me thread for Pinterest, FB, Google+, Twitter). This is a great way to gain followers. However when you do this for the blogging groups it is usually more than just a like for a like!

Steer clear for the general like for likes and do ones that are in groups that are actually beneficial to you. I know when one of these threads pops up in my feed for the groups I belong to – I will likely be connecting with them at some point down the road and even crossing paths with them in multiple FB groups. (This is where that blogging community comes into play.)

Make sure your efforts will move you forwards and not have you spinning in circles.

It’s important to set wheels in motion, even as a totally new beginner. You may not see results right away but planting the right seeds will pay off down the road. Everything takes time to fruition.

If you see a new blogger and they have immediate success, rest assured they began planting the right seeds and learning parts of process for successful blogging some time ago.

Some other thoughts I’ve had:

I keep seeing bloggers and writers ready to quit and give up. Don’t! If you are burnt out this is a very fixable situation that simply requires some refocusing. I will be creating a few articles on this soon.

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