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Results From Holly Homer Method Week One

Results From Holly Homer Method Week One

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I was finally able to sit down and watch the Holly Homer video where she grew her fb page from 13k to over a million followers in one year and 3 days.

Since I am trying to build my platform and drive traffic to my site I figured surely anything I gain from it can help me out and grow my following at least a little. I actually got some good stuff out of the video. Including a few upcoming blog posts I can write about how implementing the HH tactics have worked for me and what I’ve learned along the way. Starting with this one.

Today, day one of week one, I learned – don’t watch and try to learn with your kids underfoot.

No seriously. Like I probably should have tried one of my tried and true Strategies to Entertain Kids tactics.

I also learned that she and her team post up to 26 times a day without using a third party scheduler. Because of my crazy interuptable schedule (WAHM with preschoolers) and busyness, I am going to continue to use Co-schedule for my blog – to drive those posts to the other social media outlets I use. I am also going to let it repost my older blog posts to my FB page for days I don’t have new posts.

So I am going to work on doing 3 posts to my FB page each day, one being one of my posts (better ones), one being something I like and want to share (build fellow bloggers too maybe), and something to engage my audience with – like a question.

I am going to do a blog post about my results each of the first 4 weeks, one at 6 weeks, one at 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 6 months to jot down progress and any changes.

This year I have been investing about 60 hours a month (on top of everything else) into this writing career, which all I wanted to do was write and get my books published. Publishers now want the author to do most of the work for them marketing wise. So here I am, with a website, a blog, creating a brand and products and learning as fast as I possibly can while raising young kids, running a household, and also working towards a second career (that I do enjoy and will provide solid secondary income for myself).

It’s insane. But to be honest, to become successful at anything, you’ve got to do what few are willing to, that is how you rise above. One thing is for sure I am not making excuses about anything. I’m just giving every single day every bit of what I’ve got in me and making the most of it.

Every day I go through a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions about it, from I can do this and I am a great writer and I will make it all happen, to wanting to break down and cry cause there is so much  to do and learn and so little time and energy to make it all happen with. But every day I am putting in the time, the effort, the willingness to grow and get better and I will make it happen. I will.

Week One Results of the Holly Homer Method.

Beginning Stats/End Week Stats (wed thru wed):

FB page likes: 845/904

FB Page Reach: Don’t have beg. week #s. Mid week its at 91%!!!

FB Page #posts (using that 3x day method): 2 new blog posts, 5 reposts of old posts, 2 other, 3 shared blog posts of others.

*shared one older blog post daily, and two new posts*

FB Page Engagement:

Other notes:

I did two shout out lists of bloggers I follower (about 7 names in list). These two posts had a reach of about 200 combined. Which is huge compared to my normal 10-20 people who see my posts.

Overall mid week I can say I have received a much bigger outreach than normal (however my website traffic is down a bit).

Also: Two fB groups I regularly participate in did FB like threads and I gained many likes from those. I’m still in the I don’t care what kind of likes they are, the higher the number the better.

I also realized I decided to begin this process the week surrounding Easter and my website views dropped significantly (like in half – yikes!). However my FB page engagement has really been much higher than normal! So I kept a good attitude about it – as in the only reason people would be on FB/Pinterest/Blogs over the holiday weekend would be to look up recipes and cutesy Easter ideas which do not pertain to my topics so it’s all good.

I had one person share this post, Monday Motivation, and it reached 123 people, my posts avg about 20-50 people who see it so for me this is big. So just having one person share your post (mine which got posted via co-schedule) can do big things for your FB posts.

So, we will see what, if anything happens as result of applying various things I learned from Holly Homer’s youtube tutorial.

Check out the results from Week Two!

12Week Results


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  1. Reply Sam @ PancakeWarriors

    We are trying the holly homer method – shes so smart! I’m not having as much luck though – ugh 🙁 I guess I just have to keep moving along. I need to start sharing more of my content and asking those engagement questions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Reply Amanda

    This is so interesting. I schedule 6 Facebook posts a day and sometimes I wonder if it is overkill. I’m sure I have people unlike my page because they don’t want to see them as much…that is, for the few who see my posts. Still so much for me to learn!

  3. Reply Kim @ This Ole Mom

    Thank you for sharing this its very interesting. I think I will try Holly’s method.

  4. Reply Tirralan @ Tinseltown Mom

    This is a nice post. I haven’t heard of this method, but I see how it can be valuable!

  5. Reply Jenn @ mommytime365

    Great post!! I’m with Amanda, I’m in that category of “I don’t want to be a spammer” mind set. Thank you so much, I look forward to reading the updates.

  6. Reply annabelt - geeks diet

    Sounds like an interesting project. It’s hard to get the balance between people seeing your posts at all and people seeing them too much!

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