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The Resilient Runner

The Resilient Runner

[Excerpt from The Decision – Chapter 8 ‘Every Choice Counts’]

Real athletes, real runners, real achievers, enjoy going out in the cold, the wind and the drizzle.

Ok, they don’t really, but they choose to do it anyways. Not because they are obsessed with getting their miles in for the week, although on the surface it seems that way.

Choosing to go out in the wind, and the cold, and rain, and the dark, makes you stronger and toughens up the mind, body and spirit. It makes you resilient.

Real champions seek out that which will make them more resilient.

Let’s look at what occurs during a race.

Every time the forecast predicts rain, a quarter of the people who signed up don’t bother to show up with the excuse it’s going to rain. While the clouds are gathering at the starting line, just listen.

Another quarter of the entrants will be whining about the weather. After the race is over, another quarter of the participants will be discussing how they should have stayed home cause they got a little wet, a bit cold, and were too miserable to spend the run chatting with their gal pals.

And if you are a good observer, you will see the remaining quarter of the runners smiling, or at least with their head held high. They are not affected by the rain. They actually didn’t mind the rain. Why? How is it possible to not be affected by a rain shower? Simple.

They trained their minds and bodies to continue functioning no matter what the weather.

And these folks, when life really throws thunder and lightning their way, will continue to hold their chins up and putting one foot in front of the other. A quick thunderstorm won’t stop them from their goals. It might mean they zip up an extra jacket or bring an extra pair of running shoes but it doesn’t stop them. It doesn’t even hinder them.

They are prepared. They know every day that they can make the choice to lace up and get out for their run, even if it doesn’t go as well as hoped, will make them stronger, wiser and more capable. They know that some days will be a little rougher than others, and the momentum they build by getting out there every day will carry them right thru every single rain shower.

Becoming a runner isn’t about how many miles you can run, or how far or how fast. It’s about getting to the point where your body loves it, and thrives off of it, and feels healthiest when you decide to run regularly. That is running. And many runners look at the other runners, the ones who do it every day and think those folks are crazy.

They aren’t crazy, they simply made the little choice to get up and get going every day, and as a result, they enjoy the lifelong benefits of it every day.

This excerpt is from my book The Decision – Learning to Live Decisively.

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  1. Reply Betsy

    Love this! I am going to have to look into that book!

    1. Reply Nicolette Brink

      Not published yet! lol And Thank you! Would you be willing to share it on FB/Twitter? The more love it gets the more an agent will like it too! Be sure to check out my running posts as well.

  2. Reply Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit Club

    Nice excerpt. I love running but I love strength training too and always feel less strong when running is the only exercise in my repertoire.

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