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How To Refocus In The Moment

How To Refocus In The Moment


Everyone gets caught up in the moment.

How do you know if you are caught up?

One: You are over emotional. This may be in sadness, despair, anger, fear and worry, or in joy, excitement, bliss etc.

Second: You’ve lost focus on what you are supposed to be focusing on.


In trying to get published and in finding an agent, I’ve had to create and build a social platform. If you saw my post on The Hells & Joys of Blogging, you can get a jist of the time consuming process for learning how to and maintaining a social platform and website.

As a writer, I have to intentionally refocus my mind and attention to focusing on what I am to be doing – writing. So when I feel overwhelmed by all the social media must-do’s, or frustrated by the workload or social media sites that are running slow, or I simply don’t know where to begin or what to do next, this means I am spending too much time trying to build my platform, and not giving enough time to my craft of writing.

For you this may be in over-zealous cleaning (or a task to avoid cleaning), working out too much or not enough, working too many hours or not enough, letting other people’s problems become yours.


Answer these two questions to gain clarity:

I am giving most of my time, energy and focus to/on doing ________?

My focus really should be on doing _________ most of the time.

This is the 20/80 rule. You should be able to laser your focus on one activity for short time frames and this highly focused effort should bring you most of your desired results exponentially.

Or  you may get caught up in the day’s moment’s (otherwise known as unnecessary drama – your own or someone else’s) frequently, draining you of time, energy and focus.  Ask yourself  “Is this really that important? Why am I giving my time and energy to this? If I stepped away from this energy sucker, will it be ok and/or resolve itself? I will likely have better ideas and solutions once I step away, breathe and re-approach the situation with a clear, calm, focused mindset.”

Often what you give your time and energy to really isn’t your problem to begin with, nor does getting involved in other’s drama bring you any closer to achieving what you set out to do.

When you can pause in the middle of frustration and high energy moments, reign yourself in and refocus on what is truly important, you immediately feel a sense of peace and calm, and more in control. The truth is you will be more in control – of yourself. And you will be refocused and once again moving forwards and upwards.

Anytime you find yourself becoming consumed by something or avoiding doing something (maybe it just isn’t one ounce of fun- hmmm doing the dishes or taking out the trash, completing that project), this is a great time to step back, assess what is really going on, refocus your mind and energy, and then move forward again.

Being overwhelmed by situations or activities only clouds up the mind and makes it more difficult to think clearly and make good decisions. Avoiding action only uses up time and energy that could be put into what you want to focus on and delaying the opportunity for progress. Just get it done, do the best you can, learn from it and say, “Next.”

 *This blog post is based on the decision making principles found in Empowered.

To learn more about the success principles in Empowered click here. *

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Comments (11)

  1. Reply Gunjan

    Nice and interesting article. Felt like reading it twice because i could relate it so well. I guess I got caught in the web of my busy schedule and lost focus. Thanks for reminding. 🙂

  2. Reply JcCee Watkins Barney

    This is much needed post! I have recently learned how to not give energy to unnecessary drama in my life. If I know a person is going to bring unnecessary drama and disrupt my positive energy, I pull back from that person. When I first started doing that, I felt guilty but each time it drained me and I found myself having difficulty focusing on my blog and the things that come along with it such as the different social platforms. Thanks so much for the reminder.

  3. Reply Jean

    I could definitely relate to this one! I love the 20/80 rule and need to apply it a bit more often. I do so much better when I keep it in my mind.

  4. Reply Leslie

    I am constantly getting caught up in the moment. This is really good advice. I have felt pulled in so many directions this week.

  5. Reply Yanique

    It’s like you read my mind. I’m constantly having to remind myself of why I’m blogging. I’m in the process of finishing up my first self help book and lately I have had to devote the majority of my time to building social media accounts, blogging, and side projects. Luckily I am connecting with some really great people and this makes the detour worthwhile. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Reply sara

    This reminds me to unplug and change my focus. Thank you.

  7. Reply Kim

    Great tips.. It is really difficult to maintain focus on your writing when you are promoting your writing. As a craft blogger, I have the same difficulty balancing the actual crafting. Lol. It’s all a balancing act, that I hope to master one day!

  8. Reply Amy

    I needed this today. There is so much to juggle. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Reply Jess Donegan

    Excellent article. I love how you describe the social media as consuming. It’s often how I feel about pretty much all social media and it’s why I’ve avoided it so long. It’s nice to know that rookies aren’t the only ones who feel like creating space for a possible book is more consuming than writing the book. If only I could spend all my time writing, by now, I’d be almost done.

    With real world drama, I wish it was so easy to step away. I’ve been trying to refocus my efforts this past month, and remove my time and energy from inefficent areas. It seems like each moment I’m in a good place and 100% out, something else happens that sucks me back in! I can even catch myself mid process saying “why am I so angry?” but I cant quite stop getting worked up yet.

  10. Reply Karyn Locke

    Great topic! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Reply Jesse

    Very interesting. Great reminder to keep our focus on what matters. Thank you!

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