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Raising the Bar for Personal Health & Fitness

Raising the Bar for Personal Health & Fitness

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Most think that to become and live a fit and healthy lifestyle you need things and people. Cool outfits, fancy watches and fitbits, trainers, accountability partners, fitness aps, expensive shoes.

And they wonder why they don’t achieve their goals or receive the results they are after. People wonder why they struggle with diets and keeping a healthy weight.

Does this describe you?

Health and Fitness is the easiest aspect of life to achieve success in. You heard me correctly.

Finances, Relationships, Careers – they all require a collaboration of people and things to become and maintain any level of success. No matter how independent one is in life – these aspects of life require you to rely on others (and things).

The exception is your health and fitness.

Your health is your #1 responsibility in life – before all other people and duties. It is also the key indicator in whether or not you will be able to achieve and maintain respectable levels of success in other areas of life. [Don’t be fooled by false success some appear to have.]

Before your body can reach true health and fitness, your mind must first be healthy and fit. Once your mind is sound, the body will naturally follow.

Your health and fitness requires nothing but you to achieve it and maintain it.

You don’t need anything else. Not a single person or object.

Health and fitness is about balance, not winding up on the extreme ends of nutrition or amount of exercise.

It isn’t about counting calories or macros. It isn’t about having to have fitness programs, dvds, equipment or trainers. It isn’t about spending oodles of money on fancy vitamins, shakes, products, or even about going organic.

It is at the most basic level, energy in and energy out. You put healthy amounts of and kinds of energy into your mind and body, and you intentionally exert out healthy amounts and kind of movement (action).

No matter what it is you are struggling with in terms of mental and physical wellness, it comes back to sound mind and sound body. If you have a sound mind, you will have a sound body. If you are taking in healthy amounts and kinds of energy (for both mind and body) and you are actively expending equal amounts of energy – you will be at a healthy weight and find yourself fit.

You don’t need equipment or special clothes/shoes or watches.

It comes down to your mindset. If you believe in the importance of getting up, getting out and getting your body moving – you will get out the door and go. You will simply put on what you have and go, without making a single excuse or reason as to why you can’t.

Your body is your piece of equipment. Your body is your machine. You can build strength, agility, speed and endurance without ever touching weights, machines or needing a class. You simply have to learn to use your body in new ways. As you use it in new ways, it will increase in strength and ability on its own.

If you want to lose weight you have got to own up to the decisions you are making about your life. You have to put down using your emotions as reasons to why you can’t.

Success by the way, doesn’t care one bit about your emotions. Your body – it too has not one single ounce of care on how you emotionally feel. It simply wants you to treat it right.

Your body wants you to move.

It was made to move.

All day long.

Read that again.

And again.

Until it sinks deep into the core of your mind.

Realize that the world is made up of businesses and their aim is to make money and in that pursuit they will pounce on every emotion they can possible use as a target to convince you that you are incapable of doing anything on your own, without their product or service. Yes, they intentionally suck you in.

Of course there are thousands of decent products and services out there to help you and make working out and maintaining health and fitness more enjoyable. That isn’t the point.

The point is to get you to wake up and realize that no matter what a person puts in front of you – you don’t NEED it.

The only thing you need to be and live a fit and healthy lifestyle is you.

And in learning to understand and build on this – you also build up three key aspects for achieving success (building and maintaining a lifestyle of real health and fitness). When you remove every layer of reasoning you hide behind you realize that you are in fact capable.

Of doing it.

Of going it alone.

Of being able to make it happen.

When you learn to treat your mind and body well you create decisiveness – that is independent of everyone and everything around you. You learn how to empower yourself and get past every single thing that use to hold you back from striving for better things in life. You create resiliency – an impenetrable shield to withstand anything in life that comes your way.

When you remove your dependency on others and things and get back to the basis of who you are and what it is you really need (a strong, sound mind and body), you establish a strength and willpower from the inside out that nobody can take away from you.

Think for a moment about wild animals that live at the zoo. They were created to be able to fend for themselves, to eat wisely and move freely with agility and strength without any help except that which mother nature provides. Except now they live at the zoo and are completely dependent on others for food, water, shelter and if they are lucky – real exercise. If they were born at the zoo and released into the wild – they would not survive.

Now take a good look at yourself and your life. How dependent are you on others for basic health and fitness? Why? Why are you allowing yourself to rely solely on others when YOUR health and fitness is YOUR responsibility and your #1 RESPONSIBIITY in this life?

The business world wants you to be a contained zoo animal – trying to convince you that you need them to thrive, to become fit and healthy.

But you don’t. You don’t need other people and products at all. If you set aside all the chaotic emotions you choose to feel (yes emotions are a choice!) and just think about all the reasons why you are not currently as fit and healthy as you should be – what are you left with?

And yes, truthfully speaking, you should be fit and healthy, because that is how your body was created to be. Strong, quick, agile and capable.

Let’s get past your excuse making and reasoning!



Family and Friends.

Your job. Its duties, location and hours.

Lack of fitness related products and services.

Whatever else you want to throw at me.


Not a single one of those stands on solid ground. Especially your genetics. Mother Nature did not create you to be obese and out of shape. Nope.

Even the largest mammals in the world can move because they were created to be able to move. Just like humans.

Everything you do starts with a decision that is purely your responsibility in the making of it.

Your decision on what to eat, when to eat and how much – that is all on you.

Your decision on when you move, how much you move, to what intensity you move – also all on you.

So if you are overweight and unhealthy and unable to move – that is on you.

And you don’t need other people or products to reverse your body (and mind) back to the state it was created to be in.

Just make the decision to get up and go.

You don’t need to count calories. You don’t need to ever step on the scale. You know.

Yes, that’s right you know.

And you will know when you have reached a natural level of health and fitness because you will literally and physically be healthy and fit. You will be able to move about with ease. You will be strong, agile and capable.

If you aren’t sure then you haven’t reached it yet – just keep going.

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