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Pressing on…

Pressing on…

Today it’s all about the process. Doesn’t matter if I am in Mama Bear mode (enjoying fun parenting moments), Beast Mode (sucking up my level of exhaustion and getting that work out in), Author Mode (dear God am I ever going to get past all the social media juggling and back to writing another chapter on my book?) or just eating another brownie (don’t judge – I only claim to eat mostly healthy!).

Truth is, you have to know where you are going in life! You’ve got to have something you are aiming for and working towards. Every day! And you have to put in the work. It’s hard. It sucks some days. You wonder if you will make it. If it’s worth it? But then you pause for a moment and look over the past few months or year and realize just how much progress you have made!!! So much closer today to being who it is I want to be and you know what, we will each get there (as long as you are actually putting in the effort to get there).

I sent in another round of query letters (you know those things that are suppose to snag an agents attention). I’ve submitted a few articles to a local blogging community (come on guest blogging!) and I even joined twitter! (Does anyone still use twitter? I’m not sure anyone my age actually does.) I joined in on TopMommyBlogs (hey go vote for me down there on that magical TopMommyBlogs button at the bottom of this blog post).

Maybe I should mention I have no idea where the two kid free hours I had this morning went! I was working – on my book work. It sure as hell felt like I didn’t make any progress. Then I sat down for that ‘nap hour’ (hahaha like my kids nap) and cranked out half a dozen queries and this post. I wanted to eat a brownie and cuddle up with my non napping kids instead.

What I have learned is that being tired and cuddly doesn’t cut it. I still have to show up and work. And it pays off. Somedays I ‘work’ for several hours and magical progress happens, some days it happens in minutes. The truth is (just like in working out), you don’t know when the big steps of progress will happen. You simply have to show up and work as hard as you can. Some days it happens and some days it doesn’t (yet you still make some progress forward).

Basically I am doing it. I am putting in the work, the sweat, the effort. And it’s only a matter of time before the pieces of this puzzle become a beautifully designed picture. It’s like seeing that amazing coffee pot brimming with liquid gold and all you have to do is get up and go refill your mug. Every day, you just have to get up and go to it. Success will meet you sure enough, so long as you are doing everything in your ability to get up and meet it in return.

Days like today, I have to take two minutes and go read one of my favorite blogs Not-Your-Average-Mom. She’s fun, quirky, crazy (she has seven kids!) and manages to run marathons (while raising seven kids!). She’s awesome. She’s a bit of a spitfire like myself, perhaps that’s why I love following her. Nevertheless, I am always encouraged (and relieved I only have two kids lol) by her posts. Hell, if she can do it, so can I!

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