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That Precious Thing Called Time

That Precious Thing Called Time

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What is the one thing that cannot have a price tag attached to it? You might first say your loved ones, or your home, or some 100 year old family heirloom. While these are special, unique and worthy of so much, they do not compare to that of time. We are only given so many hours, so many days to live our lives, to become who we are meant to be, to give back to the world of our talents and resources.

How many hours a week, per month, in a year, do you spend on things and people that are of little value to you, to your mission in life? How many hours do you spend commuting back and forth to work? How many hours a week do you spend working for someone else (for the safety and reliance of a steady paycheck)? How many times in a week do you encounter another person who has zero respect for others and goes on and on babbling about something that has no significance to you whatsoever?

What activities and people are sucking the very life (your time) out of you? Why do you allow this to happen?

When will you wake up and realize what it is you are doing?

Here is how this happens:

#1 You have yet to know who you are (and who you are becoming) – in other words, you do not know your purpose in life.

#2 You have yet to learn to respect yourself (to value your time, resources, mind, body etc). In this, you are unable to truly respect others (time and resources).

Until you develop #2, you likely struggle with saying yes to the right things/people and saying no the wrong things/people.

#3 You want people to like you. (There will always be some who like you and some who don’t).

#4 You live through your feelings. Living decisively and learning to empower yourself involves learning that good decision making requires you to think clearly and set emotions aside so you can make decisions wisely.

#5 You give your power away.

 To get your power back – to get yourself on track to becoming who you want to be, requires learning to value yourself. Which means creating healthy boundaries with others, and learning to say yes to things that move you closer to the life you want to live, and saying no to the things that hold you back. You must mature to a level of understanding that you don’t need everyone to like you, or what you do. In fact, a small close circle of reliable people is all you need. Even if people don’t like you, when you are living decisively and resiliently, they will still follow you.

Take a moment and think about this:

For every 5 hours a week you spend doing _____, it adds up to 260 hours a year.

For every 10 hours a week, it equals 520 hours per year.

For every 40 hours a week, that is 2,080 hours every year.

Imagine, if you knew who you’d like to become and the life you want to be living and you created a plan to make it happen. And then you invested (cut out time wasted on activities with no value and exchanged it for being productive) just 5 hours a week to this new you?

In 260 hours, (five hours a week for one year), you could write two books, train for a marathon, a triathlon, continue your education, exercise, prepare healthier foods, travel, etc.

Double that to ten hours a week.

Everyone scoffs at living the life of their dreams. Until they meet face to face with another person that was just like them 5 years ago. And that person will tell you straight up, they started by carving out five hours a week working towards their dream life.

Once they got going, they found themselves renewed with energy, passion, and life inside.

They found and developed focus, discipline, integrity, real principles to live by.

After one year, after those 260 hours had passed and that person looked back and realized just what they could accomplish with five hours a week, they figured out how to make it ten. Year three, this person realized there was no way they could go back to living the way they had been before.

When you start working towards your life purpose, you realize there is no going back to the old you – the you that wasn’t really living but merely surviving.

It doesn’t take long to rebuild yourself as a person or to restart your life. For whatever reasoning you come up with for not starting today, I don’t buy it. There is no family responsibility, health condition, lack of funding, or knowledge that is keeping you from bettering yourself and improving your life.

You can do it.

You can changer you mentality, thinking process, body, and every single living condition you currently have. The truth is, your life right this moment, is the result of what you have spent the last five years building.

So if you want it to look different five years from today, you must decide to start living it differently today.

Decide to invest in yourself. You are worth it and you are completely capable of doing it.

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