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Power Detox Greens Smoothie

Super Detox Green Smoothie

Power Detox Greens Smoothie

I love this smoothie because it really packs in the veggies for me and you can’t taste them! There are so many detoxing nutrients in it and it is wonderful for when you are feeling sluggish, or maybe you are fighting a cold or recovering from one. It’s my go to Power Detox Greens Smoothie!

This is a nice one for when you have a cold/sore throat, the honey soothes your throat and the lemon, orange and ginger are boosters for your immune system. I also call this my crud blaster because it really helps you feel better.

** I know there are a lot of veggies in this one but all you taste is the orange and lemon! **

(this smoothie is green, when I though to take a picture of it I was using an orange bottle)

Power Detox Greens Smoothie

Power Detox Greens Smoothie


  • Whole Orange (minus rind)
  • Half a Lemon (minus rind)
  • Ginger
  • Honey
  • Baby Carrots
  • Spinach
  • 1 rib Celery
  • 4-5 Cucumber slices
  • Dab coconut oil
  • Lime Juice (just a little)


  1. This smoothie has a lot of ingredients so I recommend adjusting the amount based on how big of a smoothie you want and how strong you want it.
  2. You can chop up the veggies into smaller pieces for easier blending.
  3. I removed spinach leaf stems and peeled the cucumber and used one rib of celery. I once tried two ribs of celery and that was too much!
  4. Add more honey if you have a sore throat!

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