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If you haven’t read some of my most popular posts or browsed around some of the categories I write about – check out this quick list of my Top Posts on Decisive. Empowered. Resilient.

This list is a great sample on the various topics I write. I do my best to tie in a little success and motivation into everything I do, and sometimes I enjoy writing about some of my interests not related to success. I hope you enjoy this list of my most popular posts that are not directly success related.

*Many of these articles are part of a series and each post contains links to similar posts I’ve written.

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The Difference Between Writers Who Succeed Vs. Those Who Quit

If you want to make it as a writer you’ve got to grow beyond just one line of thinking – only being published traditionally, or simply tossing your book out as an ebook and doing nothing else.

If an agent/publisher sees that a writer is absolutely determined to get their ‘special’ book published traditionally, yet at the same time is working intelligently and diligently to build themselves as writers, businessmen (building a brand and learning to market themselves), they will be much more likely to take a few minutes of their time and spend it thinking you over.

If your mindset is that you as a writer will grow every day in your writing and how you are growing yourself as an author – that energy will build momentum and it will expand outwards. Your energy will be felt by others and in a subconscious way people will be drawn to you and your work. They will naturally be drawn to that which is growing and expanding.


10 Ways to Entertain Your Kids While Working From Home (for any parent wanting to get stuff done!)

It happens. I’m not talking about snow days or school in-service days or when they are sick. I’m talking about the days when your hard work, focus and ambition lines up with opportunity and you need to keep your sweet children entertained so you can quickly get some important work done.

One great principle for reaching your dreams is understanding and learning how to simply jump through that golden door into the land of opportunity. I mean really doing it. You’re hard work and focus has created real moments for personal and professional growth and you simply have to do it. You’ve got to launch yourself through that door with a great big pounce! Like right now!

Here are my go to Golden playtime activities for keeping your kids occupied so you can focus.


Meet Jen A. Russell – The first interview in my Empowered Female Athlete series.

An 11 year veteran of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jen Allen Russell exhibits athleticism with honor and grace. The 2014 Masters World Champion (black belt division) has traveled the world five times for World Championship competitions.

Training 5-6 days a week, she puts extra time into weight training and cardio conditioning but always keeps one full day a week just for rest. This means some days she doubles up on her training but the rewards of hard work far outweigh the challenges. At 41, she’s still in prime physical shape, and her love of the sport only fuels her commitment and motivation.

What does it mean to you, for women to be doing what you are doing? For women’s jiu-jitsu to be growing exponentially?

“It just gives me a great feeling that while we are still a minority, we are strongly growing. Sometimes in my school the advanced class will be half women! It’s incredible!”


The Increasing Challenges of a Being a Fit Mom – A 4 part mini series to help Fit Moms balance life, motherhood and staying fit.

As if getting the motivation, finding the time and getting out the door wasn’t challenging enough, fit moms are really facing a different challenge today.

As a fit mom, a busy mom, and has been a full time SAHM, full time working mom, part time working mom and a combination of these titles, I have come across a very surprising challenge to being fit and healthy.

Every day I go to work out, I think, why is there not a gym that could meet all our needs?


What I’ve Learned From Running (Great tips for Runners)

This is my story of running. I use to be like so many. Work out? Hah. Run? HAHA! I still clearly remember as an athlete in school not being able to run a mile nonstop. Oh how my definition of athlete has changed! I played many sports: dance, soccer, basketball, track, gymnastics – it didn’t matter. I was one of those who had zero cardio endurance.

The older I have gotten the stronger my mind has become. This has helped tremendously as an athlete (the redefined version of athlete). Part of becoming successful at anything, is understanding that your mind literally does control your body.

What you feed your mind will set the boundaries for what the body can actually do.


6 Months Into Blogging – A 2 part series packed with useful tips for bloggers.

*There are lots more tips provided that this quick list of 10*

  1. What is your purpose for your blog?
  2. Have an open mindset and be willing to learn.
  3. Give back. Teach and share what you learn along the way.
  4. Utilize Facebook and social media groups. Both ones in and outside your niche.
  5. Monetize your blog/site in some way! Big Time Potential!
  6. Try new things. Stop what isn’t working for you.
  7. Use a clean or active design – learn how to make it work for you.
  8. Learn how to incorporate videos as a way to reach new followers.
  9. Create a product. It’s a source of income and yet another way to interact with followers.
  10. Your #1 Focus is on you! It is your blog, your work and your name.


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