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Planting The Seeds That Create Success

Planting The Seeds That Create Success


If we are going to create a life that we enjoy living, that enables us to feel alive and on purpose and powerful – we must begin planting the right seeds today in order to create tomorrow’s success.

I teach often about the process for success – how to actively create and achieve goals. The process for success is a dichotomy. There is literally the process of deciding what you want to become, do or have, taking action towards it, observing where you are in the process, making necessary adjustments to your original plan to actually get you to your goal, and repeating this process until you achieve the desired outcome. (The number of repetitions required of the process is based on how big of a goal you are striving after – the more learning and growth required of you by the goal, the more times you will have to repeat the process in order to level up.)

The bigger the goal – The more growth and learning it will require of you for you to become that person on the other side of the finish line. This is why big dreams often take years to achieve.

Along with the actual success process is the daily action of planting the right seeds – that is making the right decisions and taking the right actions (planting the seeds) that will bring about the very opportunities and results you desire.

This coincides with living a life on purpose, having a vision for your life (direction and focus), and continuously building clarity in just who it is you want to be and the life you want to be living.

Without that vision, purpose and clarity – you will not know which seeds to plant or when you need to be planting them.

Let’s cover this concept of planting seeds as it correlates with the seasons of life.

There is a time for planning – deciding what you will need, when you will need it and how to go about creating it. (Winter)

There is a time for planting – you tend the soil and make sure it is ready for what you are going to plant. (you prepare your mind and daily living so that what you’d like to reap for harvest can actually grow and prosper). Then you plant those carefully chosen seeds at the right time so you can reap the harvest at the right time. That is, you plant and line up the steps of your long term vision so they build upon each other nicely. You can’t do everything at once. Proper growth requires starting step one, building up to step two, building up to step three etc.  (Spring)

There is a time for growth. This time of growth is when you on one hand are patient and letting things naturally grow and unfold for you. On the other hand, you must be actively weeding and tending your planted crop properly to ensure a good harvest. As life and nature happens we may need to vigorously weed one aspect of the goal or put a fence around it to protect it from harm (others). We may need extra doses of fertilizer or watering to continue solid growth. The keys in this season is patience and diligent care. When we see the fruits of our labor begin to appear (rewards, praise, ROI), it can be very tempting to harvest the crop early. Summer is the season in which we exhibit discipline, focus and fierceness in protecting the goals we are growing and incredible patience and ease – trusting that we will indeed receive a bountiful harvest.

Lastly, is the much anticipated harvest.  This is crossing that finish line and reaping the rewards of your well planned intentions, your effort, focus, discipline, belief and sheer sweat. This is the ROI you dreamt of and worked for. But – there is a second part of the harvest season. You must also be thinking ahead and figuring out what your upcoming goals will require you to keep from this harvest and use in the future to help those future goals thrive too. Many achieve their first big goal then blow the rewards on fruitless things and wonder why their next crop dries up.

While we are talking about seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall, realize that there are no set calendar months for these seasons. They are in continuous motion and are always in motion for each goal you set.

Highly successful people are those who at first managed to successfully plan, plant, grow and harvest one crop; then learned how to do this for two different crops at the same time. They likely had different timing for the seasons. If you use here and now for example: Goal #1 might be in the summer season, Goal #2 might be in planting season and Goal #3 might be in planning season.

Highly successful people are always, every single day, tending their goals and life vision.

Every day. They are looking at their goals, looking at which season those goals are in, and tending to them in the necessary aspects of the specific season each goal is in.

Maybe you are just getting started. Maybe you have to keep resetting the same goal over and over again. It can be overwhelming and incredibly frustrating.

Start with one goal. Just pick one and see it all the way through to the end. Pick one goal and thoroughly plan it out – what each stage of the goal will require of you in learning, growth and application. Then plant those seeds and begin.

We see highly successful people and everything they touch seems to turn to gold. It happens because they understand the seasons of achieving and the process for success. They began just like everybody else – with one goal. The following year they went after two goals – utilizing what they learned while they pursued and achieved with the first goal the year before. The third year they did the same – with three goals in motion.

Highly successful people are long term, big picture thinkers, planners and doers. They are continuously and daily keeping one eye on their life vision and one eye on the day/month at hand and deciding what kind of seeds they want to plant, when to plant them, tending to their growing crops and end up reaping beautiful harvests all the time.

You can develop this mindset for achieving too!

You can start building a mindset for success today. In my It’s Time to Achieve series I teach you the very process for success I talk about above. You will learn how to properly set up your goals so that you will achieve them and how to successfully handle the challenges that pop up along the way. You can apply this process and success mindset to any goal.

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