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Our Individuality and Contribution Matters

Our Individuality and Contribution Matters


Do you ever feel like what you have to offer is very important, but have yet to find the right avenue? Or that you are involved in something you enjoy, but aren’t quite sure of what it is you are contributing or that your means of contribution can be something much more and don’t know how to go about doing that?

You are not alone. The truth is, every single person on the planet has personal and professional things they struggle with. Everyone has new skills to learn, new things to try and experience, and new knowledge to express into the world.

Perhaps you, at whatever glorious age you are, still have no idea what it is you are supposed to be doing with your life, you just know your life as it is right now, isn’t cutting it.

Maybe you have been living your dream for decades and simply want to find new aspects to explore and share it.

We each matter. Each of us is blessed with our unique abilities, talents, experiences and potential. Your potential and what you can offer the world will never be the same as anyone else. What you do is important. Who you share your gifts and wisdom with, matters. Every day that you continue doing what you are meant to be doing, in which you continue to give what and who you are to others, you are doing the world good. You are impacting others in a positive light.

Your struggles and triumphs, teach others lessons without them having to struggle as much. You sharing your wisdom assists others in learning faster, without having to repeat the same mistakes over and over. You’re willingness to be open and honest allows others the safety net of being able to do the same, perhaps for the first time.

Even the most successful individuals have moments of doubt, struggle, and question who they are and if what they are striving for will make any difference. And when they see others stumbling, picking themselves up, and putting in the effort to do better and to try again, they are refueled too.

When we begin to live decisively, and take accountability for our lives and how we live, we are able to become better beacons of hope, light, and inspiration for others. It is a side effect of empowering ourselves. When we start to live the life we are meant to be living, and making better decisions, and reaching out and giving and sharing our unique gifts into the world, we empower others with our example.

With our hope, our faith, our effort, our love, first unto ourselves, then towards others, we become like the mornings first sunlight, giving those who are struggling and don’t know how, a light to look up to.  We become the beautiful colors of a sunrise and sunset, spreading belief, joy, love, and peace upon those who need it most.

So wherever you are right now, whatever state your mind, body, and life may be in, feel the love. Know that despite the struggle, you are not alone. Know that your story is an inspiration for someone else to change the world they live in. To know that life can be better, to know that it will get better.

Be unique. Be you. Who you are matters. What you bring into the world – inspires!

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