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New Changes and Coming Soon!

New Changes and Coming Soon!


Hi everyone!

I just wanted let you know I’m working on some changes in the coming weeks as I prepare for my first ever ebook launch! I’m pretty excited about it!

It’s hard to believe that just last summer I had no website, no blog, no followers, no published articles on big online publication etc. A lot of great things can happen in a short time!

This whole site/blogging thing came from working on getting my main books (the really really good stuff) published traditionally and what I learned is that since Ebooks changed the scope of publishing, agents and publishers now want authors to have a solid social platform. So for the last 7 months or so I set my normal book writing aside to take on building a social platform. I have also realized that this is a great thing. It’s fueled my motivation and drive and truly opened up a lot of opportunities for me as a writer to use multiple and various ways to share my writing work with my readers and followers.

My hard work is paying off and I have lots of GREAT things lined up in the coming year or so, including some ebooks, possibly some audio downloads and yes, even youtube videos! lol As I begin pursuing my fitness instruction certifications next year – I will be able to do and add a lot more as well.

When I first started my site and blogging I knew nothing. Not a single thing. I’ve had to learn so much and all to my benefit.

Currently my website theme doesn’t support having a store, so one thing you may notice over the next month is an occasional weird/goofy layout going on while I try and implement a new theme and rearrange it and make my site all nice and pretty again. I am still posting new blog posts! Still working on making a few appearances on my social outlets each day.

I appreciate your patience while my website/blog goes through this growth transformation! If you happen to visit and something is wonky or not working – please just return in a day or two.

I’ve tried redoing my theme once or twice and couldn’t find one that did what I wanted it too. Now I think I found a great one but it’s a bit more complex than this simple White theme I am currently using, and as a mom with young kids there is a good chance I will start my new theme and be interrupted and unable to fix things all in one sit down.

Again, I thank you for your patience! Please keep coming back – I truly have some terrific stuff planned and in the works – all coming soon!  All my blog posts I have done this far are just snippets, grazing the surface of what my true writing (and books) are all about. In a short amount of time here, I will be able to really expand and go into greater depth to provide you with excellent tools and motivation to help you on the road to success in your life!


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