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What Do I Need to Know When Starting a Blog?


What Do I Need to Know When Starting a Blog?



I am heading into my 3rd year as a blogger and I realized it has been some time since I’ve gathered up all the tips and insights I’ve gained into creating and growing a blog successfully.

(I’ve been writing for 20+ years, worked in a large bookstore for 8 years, am now a published author, speaker, educator, small business owner and have built a brand.)

I’ve written hundreds of blog articles, some of which have been published on larger websites. I’ve published two books, continued writing new books, created online programs, courses and live workshops. I’ve established my name, my brand and moved from the realm of fledgling blogger onto solid ground and building mountains.

I have SO many tips there is no way that I can share them all in one or two posts. I DO however have an Empowered Writer’s program geared towards writers, bloggers and authors, helping you level up professionally and expanding your platform.

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WAAYYY back when I first started blogging I was learning so fast that I had whipped up two fun posts packed with tips for fellow new bloggers. You can read them here and here.

In referring to them some of the Key Points that are still very true today years later:

Know what the purpose of your blog is!

You need to know WHY you are blogging and what the purpose of your blog is (what does it do for you and your readers)?

If you are new to blogging this question may have you stumped for a bit and that’s okay. Just keep these questions handy and look at them often. As you continue blogging and growing as a writer you will figure out why you wanted to blog and what the point of your blog is, if you don’t know already.

Always Be Willing to Learn & Grow

Having the desire to learn as much as you can and growing as a person and professionally will do you wonders!  I’ve had this approach to my work from the start and I learn new things every day! Life, blogging, social media, websites – it is all changing every single day and the only way to survive & thrive is to be willing to keep learning, trying and applying what you are learning.

Your Blog Will Emerge as Time Continues

Very few people know right off the bat what their purpose and vision for their blog/work is. This tends to come with time, as you dabble a little with this and in that. As you connect with bloggers and those in the industry you will discover what you like, what you don’t like, and find many things interesting that you never thought you’d enjoy.

Your blog will grow with you, everyone’s blog starts out less than stellar with basic designs, images and topics. This is normal and it has zero relevance to what your blog will become down the road. What counts is that you started your blog. What matters now is your commitment to it.


Blogging Requires Commitment

Just like everything else in the world, blogging requires a true commitment. It’s a steep learning curve! It takes time to build a following, to expand your platform and to decide what direction you want it to go in. If you want to quit it in 3 months, then I recommend not starting one.


You Will Need to Be Consistent

New bloggers feel really overwhelmed with wondering if they need to do everything at once and as often as the veteran bloggers do. The answer is no, you don’t. Relax and take deep breath! You are just beginning this adventure.

Start with becoming consistent posting 1-2 new posts a week. For some that is all they will ever need to do (like me!). For other bloggers, they end up doing 4-5 new blog posts a week. Same with social media. Start with just 1-2x a day on one or two social media accounts, once you can do that steadily for a few months increase it.


Where Do I Start?

Insert hearty laughter. Right where you are.

Work on getting your basics up and going and being consistent with them.

What are the basics?

  1. Website/blog. (I use WordPress, have from day one and I love them. Excellent service too.)
  2. Facebook and Pinterest. Set up accounts under your blog/business name and keep them separate from your personal accounts. These tend to be most bloggers main sources of social media traffic. Here is my Decisive. Empowered. Resilient. FB page for example.
  3. Email Subscriber List – Start this right away! Your list is your future customer base.

(I started with MailChimp because it was free. Now I use Convertkit and LOVE it!)

  1. Professional Email – Create one that is strictly for blogging/professional use only. (Be sure to add it to your contact me here info on your website.)


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Observe but Don’t Compare

You want to be observing what other bloggers are and are not doing and why. Ask questions (politely). Research and apply what you are learning.

With that being said, do not emotionally compare your blog with the level and results of veteran bloggers! It takes time to build a really solid blog and following. Numbers also don’t necessarily equate to successful blogging. Many bloggers have smaller followings, lists and traffic but get great engagements (and sales) from the following they do have! There are many BIG bloggers with huge #’s that have empty followings and low conversions.  Don’t get caught up in comparisons.


Be Authentic

Transparency is very real and it is important that you be yourself in the ways you connect with your fans and in what you share with them. Stay true to your voice, your style, and your goals.


I know there is so much in this article and we haven’t even gotten started with the actual blogging tips and how to’s.  What you got here in this post though is a huge start to the foundation of your blogging.

Focus on your why, your what and where you want it to lead you.

Get signed up for my Empowered Writer’s program where you will keep getting plenty of tips and motivation to help you grow as a writer and with your blog.


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