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Why Do I Need to Discover My Life Purpose?

Why Do I Need to Discover My Life Purpose?



How do I know if I am living on purpose?

What is my life purpose?

Do I need to be living life on purpose?

What happens if I don’t have any idea what that purpose is?

How can I discover my purpose in life?

These are all excellent questions and I am going to address them for you.

First I am going to let you in on something they don’t teach us in school or in church.

Life itself, is all about us evolving. We are created to learn, grow and evolve over the course of our lifetime.

Obviously in the first 20 years of our lives we grow and change a lot in every aspect of being human.

But for many, and we see this everywhere, people stop growing and learning as adults. They live the same life year after year after year. How many people do you know who haven’t changed one bit in the last decade? Lack of change and growth in a person is a sign of stagnancy and someone who is not thriving.

What is a life purpose then?

In a nutshell, your life purpose is the way in which you utilize your strengths, talents, passions and abilities to both help the world thrive and to personally thrive.

How do you know if you are living life on purpose?

Let me ask you a few questions.

Do you wake up excited to start the day and the activities you have planned? Do you feel alive, vigorous and expecting good things?

Do you know who you are? Do you live with conviction? Conviction is knowing what you believe in and stand for and why. It’s also knowing who you are with accurate clarity.

Are your daily and weekly activities leading in an intentional direction with a hoped for result? Or are you living unintentionally, going through the motions and walking in circles?

Do you go to bed satisfied with the day’s decisions, actions and outcome?

Your answers to those questions will give you some insight. Trust me when I say this, You will KNOW when you are indeed living your life on purpose.


Do I need to be living my life on purpose?

No. Your life is yours to live, however you’d like to live it.

However, when you are not living life on purpose – it is a guaranty that you are likely living solely to fulfill someone else’s dreams and ambitions and purpose.

When you are not on purpose you are like a kite whipping in the sky without a string to keep it from flying away. There is no sense of direction, internal and natural guidance or ability to ride the waves of life. You are at the whim of everything and everyone surrounding you.

People wonder why they cannot achieve goals or maintain results when they do. It is because their goals have been created and achieved from external sources – that is the need to achieve the goal didn’t stem from within.

When we figure out our life purpose or even begin trying to figure it out, and we create goals that are based on that purpose – we find success easier and faster. This is because there is an inner motivational drive and desire for the change (goal) to happen.

So, no you don’t have to live life with purpose – but it is much more enjoyable and life is easier to navigate when you do.


Okay. But I don’t have any idea what my life purpose is supposed to be? How do I find it?

This isn’t an easy answer – that is the truth. The reason why is because we are each unique individuals – nobody else can tell you what your purpose in life is. You yourself will have to seek it out and pursue your own path in life.

The first step to figuring out your life purpose is to gain astute clarity in who you are right now. You have to learn to look at yourself without judgment, without the filters you normally use day to day. This takes time and many never discover their life purpose and really joyfully experience what life is about and what life offers – because they don’t want to look within.

It is much easier to keep sugar coating life, lying to yourself and others, and make excuses as to why we are or are not our best selves. But there is profound clarity to be received when you can find the courage to start looking at yourself honestly, and begin peeling back the layers you’ve put up over the years. What you find underneath all the ought tos’, musts, should, could have beens, and so on – is a lovely soul waiting to be set free to express itself.

Underneath all these suits that most people have plastered on to appear ‘good enough’ is a person with courage, peace and a desire to evolve.

Along with pursuing clarity on who you really are, your life purpose will indeed line up with the things you are naturally good at and enjoy. Your curiosities and passions in life are clues from the universe to guide you to keep pursuing them – your actual purpose will reveal itself in due time – as long as you are continuing to include things in life that you love doing and/or are good at.


Remember that life itself is supposed to evolve. You are meant to grow and improve in every aspect of your life. If there are things or people or situations in your life that are stagnating your growth, or worse deteriorating aspects of your life and who you are – this is a big red flag that changes are needed to be made in order for you to grow.

You’ve got to learn to become decisive. Discovering your life purpose is a result of looking within and building upon that which makes you You.


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