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Music to a Writer’s Heart

Music to a Writer’s Heart


Even though I believe myself to be successful in many things, I too am only human. Right alongside my strengths and triumphs, I struggle with various things, just like everyone else. Pursuing new things, taking the leap of faith to make them grow, sharing your work with the world is a challenging and sometimes scary adventure.

In my personal life (and professional) I believe myself to be a great (not perfect) example of a woman (wife, mother and just myself) living a life of health, fitness, and going after goals/dreams. As I am taking this leap with my writing career, learning and growing along the way, putting my work out there for others see is a bit daunting. (Yes, the point of writing is for others to read it.)

To be creative, to believe in your work, you have let all the walls down, you must question everything you are, everything you write and everything you hope your work will do in the world. You have to really believe that what you are doing will have a positive impact and place in other’s lives.

One of the adventures leaps I went for earlier this year, lately seems to be dwindling – dawdling along without much growth or response. The success writer in me ponders it from every angle, part of me thinks to let the project go, and the other part of me tells me to stick with it, and see where it will go. For if it even helps, encourages, and motivates just one person that is a part of it, than my efforts and hopes for it are a success.

At times I find myself reaching out to complete strangers, wondering if I am stepping on toes, or stepping in where I shouldn’t. Then once in a while, (even though I’ve had no negative response from any of these moments – it’s just my normal doubt/worry), I am reminded from those on the receiving end of what I do and those who read my work, that what I am doing is good. What I write about and do by example is making a positive and wonderful impact for them. Even if it is just the occasional few who let me know what I do makes a difference, it is enough.

Enough for me to continue loving what I do, enough for me to continue taking risks in what I write – some of it is pretty bold, enough for me to put my best effort into my work.

So I just want to say thank you! Thank you for following me, for being yourself, for letting me know that my work has touched your life in a wonderful way.

Today’s post was inspired by a reader who informed me my writing made her feel like she was relaxing at a spa. Such music to a writer’s heart!!! Truly, this is how I feel while I am writing, as though I am being pampered at a spa, or sipping a cup of coffee on the dock of a lake, or standing at the peak of a hill overlooking the countryside. Writing to me is music, it is comforting, it is peaceful, and it is my home. And I am so blessed and happy that I get to share it with you!

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