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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

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Let’s just dive right into this week’s success lessons mixed with motivation and maybe a little humor.

  1. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living – parenting can throw you for one hell of a loop and if you are me, you’ve been blessed with a child that has exasperated every success writer’s solutions for peace, quiet, and calm. (Don’t even ask.) Sometimes you need to let go, (well, don’t let the kid win) and realize you are being a good parent and hope that said child’s stubbornness and independence will pay off some day.
  2. Going after goals and dreams will require days (perhaps several in a row) of wanting to bash your head against the wall in hopes of reaching some sort of breakthrough (aka progress). Persistence pays. You will break through the wall eventually and your head will be tougher. Truly, those who succeed are those who keep trying again and again until they do succeed. (using different methods – not the same ones for that’d be dumb)
  3. The process is very much like the tides of the ocean and going on a bike ride with Tour De France. Waves come and go, the tide comes and goes in its own rhythm, and to reach the top of the mountains you have to climb them. It’s tough, brutal at times. And also peaceful and comforting at times.
  4. If you know of an easy button – by all means send it to me.
  5. In case you hadn’t picked up on my struggles in the pursuit of my goals this last week – it’s been a rough one. I’ve put in the hours and endured some battles and while I’m walking away without visible scars I feel rather wounded. But it is part of the process. You can’t grow unless you’ve been tested. You can’t win unless you’ve put yourself in the arena and given the battle your best. You can’t emerge unless you were willing to enter in the first place.
  6. Yes, a bonus! You will emerge. Yes, you will. So keep going. Keep showing up each day, with your chin up, strong and bold, or tired and weary, show up. Give each day what you can, and go to sleep every night knowing you gave it what you could. The only way to arrive at your destination is through.

As you make this week happen keep your mind focused on where you are headed, make your daily decisions based on who it is you are working to become.

Keep climbing up the mountain!

Every arena (challenge) in your path, gather your courage and focus and enter it.

You will emerge victorious!

You will exit on the other side a bit wiser and stronger. What you gain in this week’s challenges is building you up to handle future one’s with simplicity.

You’ve got to remain focused, you must show up and enter the game (of life), you’ve got to put in the work!

Go out and make this week spectacular!

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Comments (3)

  1. Reply Sam @ PancakeWarriors

    Love that – you can’t emerge without being willing to enter in the first place – so awesome!!

  2. Reply Shailee

    Tell me about it. Thank you for the words of encouragement to keep going on Monday morning.

  3. Reply Bridget/The Recipe Wench

    Thanks for this. My daughters are 20 and 22 now, but I distinctly remember those days. (The teenage years are THE. MOST. DIFFICULT. period of time.) What I would recommend to any parent who has a challenging child is to continue learning and educating yourself about the way a child’s mind works. What you want to do is get through their childhood/teen years and be proud of the way you responded to all the challenges. You want the comfort the confidence of having done the right thing brings. Make sense? No looking back and wondering if you did the right thing (although that is very, very common and normal). Thank you so much for sharing this at the Inspire Me Mondays Link-Up. Hang in there!

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