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More Running Tips

More Running Tips

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Here are a few more benefits I’ve received from running along with a few tips:

1. It’s about consistency. The body was built for motion and conditioning – it needs to be used. You feel so much better on every level when you give your body both a challenge and outlet for that energy. Building stronger muscles makes many things in life easier – like carrying around kids and shopping bags!

2. It’s ‘Me’ time. Whether you run by yourself with music, or in a group and chatting, it’s a routine time to unwind, to let the day go. The amazing power you feel when you complete a good run or are showing up consistently brings power to tackling life’s events.

3. Running (working out regularly) makes one healthier. You get sick less often, and it helps many sick people heal. There is a miraculous effect that happens when the body gets to receive that challenge and outlet.

4. Shoes matter. It’s not about the brand name shoes either. I know some brands that have ‘running’ shoes and they totally suck. Couldn’t pay me a million bucks to run a mile in their shoes. I believe in quality and durability.

My current pair of running shoes I’ve had for three years and probably have over 700 miles on them – the tread is still solid. They are bright blue and I now think they are ugly but they are tried and true.

5. Same goes with running clothes. Forget the brand, forget what’s in. Everybody is different and moves differently and no one item of clothing is going to wear the same on any two people.

To be honest, when I run, I’m working hard and my hair is going to get messy (I have yet to find a headband that stays put) and I will be sweaty and stinky before the workout is done. I want clothes that keep some things in place and don’t rub in others. I want clothes that can handle the weather.

I don’t care if I wear six different brands from my head to my toes – I wear what works for my body. Comfort goes a long ways once you start working out for more than an hour at a time.

6. Form matters. If you naturally have bad posture it will bring you horrible running form which in turn brings on injuries. This is why cross training is key. It builds up whole body strength which enables you to maintain good form for longer amounts of time.  Even a simple blister on the foot can change your gait – and you will feel it the next day.

7. Learning to listen to your body is so important. This is a trial and error lesson to learn but it is vital! There are many days when you are simply tired or a little sore, but the body will be just fine working out – in fact it needs it. There are times when you have the sniffles or a headache or who knows what – and believe it or not that workout makes you feel better than when you started.

And there are times when you are more than a bit wore out – you are actually exhausted and achy and feel like total crap. These are the times when you rest, taking it easy for a day to heal and repair is important. In fact, many athletes get stuck in forcing themselves to show up when they really need a rest day (and to refuel properly). It is a trial and error situation, but once you pay attention to your body you will know the difference and your performance will improve significantly.

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  1. Reply Jess@Flying Feet

    From a seasoned runner, all these tips are spot on! Have you tried Boni Bands? I have one I picked up at a race expo and it NEVER slips, keeps sweat out of my eyes, and is so comfy. No headaches. Check them out if you can.
    🙂 have a beautiful day!

    1. Reply Nicolette Brink

      Thank you! Haven’t tried them yet! Heard of them from someone else’s blog post on them. Guess I will need to try them.

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