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Mama Bear vs. Snow Plow

Mama Bear vs. Snow Plow


One (with common sense) would like to think that those running a town/city in winter country could figure how to effectively handle ice and snow removal for their citizens. Apparently not.

Yes, we got a foot of snow. Big deal. It’s not. It shouldn’t be. If pint sized Mama Bear can plan ahead and prepare to hibernate with her baby cubs surely a full grown adult who runs the town and city crews could maybe plan ahead as well.


Papa Bear (who loves the snow by the way – one of few souls completely comfortable driving in winter conditions and usually one of the last to pull off the road with the snow plows) had snow blowed a handful of times yesterday. Mostly to keep up with the idiots also known as the Snow Plow. He had no problem getting up early enough to take care of our drive and a neighbors before heading off to work.

Around here this is how the snow plow works. Makes ten passes down each street – straight down the middle. (Forget the ice. They don’t do ice. They’d rather sit on their butts and watch Mama Bears try to haul their cubs to school on ice skates. Read Mama Bear & The Ice ).


Now, after these ten passes down the middle of the road, snow plow driver will wait until about two hours past when every single person in town has snow blown or shoveled their driveways and left for work. Yes, they wait until those able to remove the snow in driveways have left for the day, then they come by every half hour or so for several hours – this time getting the sides of the street.

Making it pretty much impossible for every elderly citizen and Mama Bears with little cubs to get out. See this?



Two and a half feet deep. Might not look like it but when I scrambled over it to the street side it is up to mid thigh.

Well Mr. Snow Plow Driver Extrodinaire – Lucky You I don’t have to go anywhere today. Lucky you I don’t see you stupidly blocking in every single driveway because you and your bosses sorry butts couldn’t get up before the crack of dawn and do your job (like every other grown up can). Let alone do your job effectively.

What are people to do in an emergency? Mama Bears can’t go out and lift that heavy snow with little cubs doing who knows what in the house? Elderly neighbors also can’t leave.


(Trust me, I realize elderly folks driving on snowy road is a whole different topic). I am not making fun of my awesome elderly neighbors. They are awesome people. And shouldn’t have to get creative like the guy above. We are supposed to take care of our elderly neighbors – not make it impossible for them to get around.

I went to take a picture and my neighbor was trying to unbury mailboxes – because Mr. Genius (snowplow guy) buried them. Good thing I’m not the mail lady. Seriously. I’d be hunting the snowplow genius down and teaching him a few quick lessons. You can’t expect your mail lady to park her mailtruck, get out at every mailbox on the street, trek up mount Everest just to do her job (because an idiot couldn’t do theirs).

I don’t understand folks. I don’t. You have one simple job to do. It’s called snow removal. You get up before everyone else in town – you clear out your own drive, then you go do your job and have all the streets cleared before people leave for work/school.

You don’t make one teensy path down the middle ten times in half hour. You don’t bury the ends of people’s driveways two feet deep every hour all day long so that the people who physically shouldn’t be unburying their drives can’t get out if they need to.

If you have time to make the same path ten times in half an hour – you easily could plow the whole town before 6am. Yes, ya could!

It’s called common sense. It’s called courtesy.

It’s called doing your job right – the first time – and on time.

And I don’t want to hear it about not having enough snow plows or road crew members to have the job done well and on time. That’s called mismanagement.

And I don’t want to hear about there not being enough money in the budget to hire more drivers. That’s called “You have a fancy job and yet you can’t manage a budget.”

Get with it. Value my time, my energy, and the safety of my family members (and neighbors).

Thank you! That is Mama Bear all riled up because of yet another person with a ‘title/job’ can’t hack it.

Maybe next time we get snow I’ll stick the shovel in the drift and use the cubbies poster board to make the snow plow driver a sign saying “You plowed me in – get out and unshovel it!”

This isn’t my dog but he’s dang cute!


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    I like looking at the pictures of the snow but I don’t know that I ever want to live in it. I am sitting here in a t-shirt and shorts looking at blue skies, hard to imagine having to worry about a plow.

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