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Make That Decision


Make That Decision

I’m right on it this week. So on it with such intensity that this post is coming to you straight from my private inspirational coaching emails I send to subscribers. This one, too good to not share it. 

So many things go on in our lives, so many things happen to us, because of this one thing….

We just won’t make a decision.

When we get decisive about things, about who we are and the direction we are going in, decision making in the daily level gets so much easier.

Things are happening to you, people are happening to you and getting into your energy bubble because you simply won’t decide that NO its no longer okay for that to keep happening so it keeps happening.

What we DO NOT CHANGE (decide differently about) just continues to carry on in our lives.

If you want things to be different DECIDE, actually decide to change it and follow through on it.

Make a BRAND NEW DECISION about it.

It doesn’t matter what people think, say or do about it. They are not you, they are not living your life, they are not here to fulfill your purpose. YOU ARE.


Some of you are waiting around, twiddling your thumbs. DECIDE. TODAY. NOW.

Once you DECIDE at the soul level, it sets in motion a whole new series of connections and events for you. Its sets things in motion for you, things you WANT.

BUT you have to DECIDE.

Stop giving away your power!

Stop wasting your time and your energy waiting!

Stop wasting your life because you just won’t decide.

You don’t like your job. Decide Differently!

You don’t like that relationship. CHANGE IT.

You don’t like where you live. Decide to move. Actually move. Change the job, find a new roof to reside under, give up your present roof and GO.

Whatever it is you do not like in your life, if it does not bring you joy and peace and excitement – DECIDE TO CHANGE IT.

Whatever it is you do have right now that fills you with peace and enthusiasm and relief – DECIDE TO ADD MORE OF IT.


It (your life) doesn’t change until you DECIDE to DECIDE differently. Don’t just decide differently by make a choice that’s a side step.

DECIDE BETTER for yourself because you ARE WORTHY OF BETTER!

Dare to think bigger. Dare to wonder bigger. Dare to dream better and bigger!

What will you decide today?

Your decisions (and indecisions) create your tomorrow.


P.S. What we need to hear to create THAT change we truly desire, doesn’t always come in sprinkles and cupcakes.

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I’m ready for change! Inspire Me!

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