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How to Live Life Playfully


How to Live Life Playfully

Stop Living Small & Start Living Life Big

It’s Time to Start Living Playfully! 

I love being playful.

Say that out loud. How does saying that out loud make you feel? Light & airy? Alive & Energized? Passionate & on Purpose?

Today we are going to talk about how to stop living life small and ways you can start Playing It Big! We’re going to learn how to be playful, as productive adults!

As a woman who runs three businesses, helps coach sports teams and runs this 3-ring circus I call my life as a wife and mom, I know what it feels like to want to roll my eyes at the idea of living life playfully. I know the crushing heartache I feel when my kids ask me to play a game and I’ve got too many plates in the air and I just can’t, not right that moment. It hurts worse when I finally can sit down and my kids are happily playing and I know I should but I just don’t want to. Play that is. Can you relate?  

Over the years as I’ve incorporated the very life balance, time management skills I teach, I’ve gotten better. I can now relax, put work aside and be in the moment with my children. I can set all those plates down, in a tall, dirty, stack that might topple over and focus on what really matters when it matters most.

If you are new to parenting, just breathe, I think this skill comes with time and crossing over the line of letting go of all those should’s and musts to keep up appearances. Heck, we all know the truth, none of us every totally have it all together.

What I want to share with you today are tips to help you not only learn how to play, literally like a child, but how being willing to play it big in life with your career and dreams will help you grow into a woman who is not just capable of playing, but is playful and loves it.


What is Playfulness?

It’s free. It’s adventure. It’s willingness. It’s a desire for growth. It’s welcoming change. It’s being excited about learning new things. It’s light, simple, easy and feels good too! It’s freedom.

Freedom to be who you want to be in its purest form.

Think about it for a minute. If you could really let go of all the beliefs you live by that are really other’s beliefs about how you should be going about life – what would be left. What is it that you truly and wholly believe in to be right for you?

If you could give up all those expectations and false judgements and the like – guess what remains and is allowed to shine? You. The real you. Your interests, your passions, your strengths, your talents.

It’s time to stop hiding behind all this ‘pretending’ that is not playfulness.

It’s living life on your terms. It’s feeling fully alive and knowing you are thriving!

Playfulness is the ability to ignite that flame within you as bright as you dare and then fueling it even more. Playfulness is desiring to explore your limitations and expanding beyond your boundaries (comfort zones).

It’s seeing just who you can become.

4 Simple Tips to Be More Playful.

Tip #1 Letting It All Go

I find this is the biggest wave of relief women experience in life. It’s a rush of energy and peace that replaces stress, tension and worry. This comes when we embrace letting it all go.

Feel free to let it go sailor style. Just say it. “I **** let it go. I let ____ go, and ____, and ______. *** I’m letting _____ go too.”

I dare you to say that.

Even if you are not the type of woman who’s a whiskey drinker.

If you want to experience what real freedom and living fiercely ALIVE feels like, you’ve got to just once let it all go. Everything. Your beliefs, your decisions, your results, everything and anything. Everything in how you’ve previously been living. True peace and freedom comes with the willingness to let it all go – for at least 10 seconds. After ten seconds, you can decide to pick back up what you’d like. Think of this as sand in a sifter. You are letting all the energy drainers and soul sucking filter right out of your life.

You have to be willing to realize some of the things (beliefs) you’ve been clutching too for so long might be the very things causing you so much stress and havoc.

Letting go allows us to let in what we want more of: laughter, love, happiness and the ability to play and relax and have fun.

 You can read more about how to let go here –> Learning to Let Go

Tip #2 Live

That sounds too simple, doesn’t it? It’s the truth. It’s the quickest way to feel and be a woman who is playful.

Living means being authentic, letting who you really are out to play every single day.

Your quirks, weird interests, passions all of that! When you allow yourself to be you, regardless of what others think, you enable your real tribe in life to find you. Investing time every week into the things you really enjoy doing and learning about helps you to evolve more into your higher self and brings you closer to your purpose in life.

When we include things into our daily routine that enhances our self-love, self-care and personal interests, we feel alive and free, passionate and energized. When you can just let go and laugh from the soul level, this is energy that resonates, and to the universe it sounds like magical harmony that yearns to create more of it.

Living life fully, on your terms says to the Universe you want it and that you are ready for more it (playing, laughing, loving).


Tip #3 Play It Big

Go for it. I mean really, GO FOR IT! When you pour everything you are into what you believe in, are passionate about and desire to have, do and become – this is the level in which life opens up for you. This is the magic key that creates not just any opportunity but an entire series of opportunities that will lead you to exactly what you want in life.

But you have to go for it with everything you are. You have to believe you are worthy of it, which means first you have to develop real self-worth and learn to love and care for yourself wholly.

You’ve got to be willing to take those risks and get out of your comfort zones and seek out being uncomfortable so that you can learn and grow into the person you want to be.

As the opportunities begin to arrive and those doors start to open, you can’t hide the corners of the arena. You have to stand tall, with an excited shimmer in your eyes and a proud smile on your face and heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity. You’ll have to be willing to speak, even if your voice trembles, and let the world know who you are and why you are here. This requires vulnerability that blends with such passion for why you are there that everyone there feels the impact of just who you are.

It’s about putting on a tiara, some lip gloss and showcasing your brand with resiliency. You are your brand. Who you are, what you do, what you stand for and why you do it – this is your brand and it’s up to you to showcase it to the world.

Tip #4 Allow Yourself to Shine Brightly

We just covered this concept of daring to light up the fire within as brightly as you can, of rising into our highest self and stepping up into who we are meant to become.

When you’ve shone brightly and let yourself loose to play and laugh and live, we must learn to LOVE IT and to LOVE OURSELVES when we shine.

So often, we do well and I mean we really shine and light up those around us only to shrink back in the recesses of our heart and mind. This does us no good.

Honey when you’ve played life whole heartedly, you DESERVE to SHINE, you are so worthy of CELEBRATING YOU!

I want you to learn to be okay with letting yourself shine while you laugh and play and then to take it a step further and bask in the accolades! Let yourself enjoy that warm, glowing feeling of having done so well!

This is what I call welcoming in our own light. If we can find the courage to shine bright enough for others to feel our love for life, we can also shine strongly enough for us to receive it back. This is what we can genuine honor and pride. It’s knowing you’ve done a wonderful job, that you gave it everything you had and you earned it.

It’s okay to receive the rewards of our efforts and let’s take that another step yes!

It’s okay to play and celebrate while receiving the rewards of our efforts and willingness to dare playfully. Our celebration, in its purity as we are covering it, doesn’t not diminish others.

One more time now, repeat it out loud, “When I let my light shine brightly, I can celebrate playfully and rejoice in it.”

Do you know you are worthy of this, all of it?

You are worthy of letting go everything that no longer serves you and allows you to blossom.

You are worthy of living life on your terms, as big as you dare to envision it and live it.

You are worthy of play life big! The bigger the better for the more lives your light will empowers.

You are worthy of celebrating your efforts and rewards! You can celebrate YOU as playfully as you’d like, for when you do it shows others that it is okay to celebrate their light shining brightly.

Are you willing to begin living more playfully?

Will you dare to live life alive and enjoy your gifts, desires and passions?

Will you decide to let your light shine brightly?

I dare you to. I dare you to laugh, love, live and play as often and as big as you can, each and every day!


Its time don’t you think? Time to start living fiercely alive.

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