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Just Sit Down

Just Sit Down



I didn’t say that to the big dog, the little dog or either of my preschoolers. I said it to myself.

Just Sit Down.

And as I write squeezed in between both kids on the couch with my feet up, one has his foot in the air while munching on stinky ranch crackers and the other has her little foot wiggling precariously close to the power button on the laptop. But I had to do it. Sit that is.

I just wanted to sit down and only sit down. Not eat anything (or fetch food for anyone else, or sippy cups), not play any kind of toy, board game or do story telling. I wanted to sit and not be climbed on (those pesky kiddie feet are negotiable) or be asked 50 questions. We’re watching Spongebob. Should have added “Put on SpongeBob” to my 10 Strategies to Entertain Kids post, it is an instant winner.

This weekend we are taking the kids to see their first movie in a theater, and not only could it not be Disney it has to be Mr. SpongeBob. I might survive – as long as there is chocolate to nibble on.

Back to sitting down. This multi-tasking Mamma wanted to not multi-task, or one task anything. I just wanted to sit down, enjoy a few minutes of quiet, literally and have my mind quiet as well. I’m too driven, everything has a time and place in the day to be worked on, somewhere between the snacks, playing with the kids and taking care of everyone and everything, work gets done. You will like this next week’s posts about being a Driven Mom.

And for five minutes I wanted to just not be driven. About anything.

So why am I writing a blog post then?

Because as a Mom it is impossible to Just Sit Down, without any of the above careening in on your sitting down within thirty seconds. That and it seems like every time I do just sit down, the ideas begin to formulate in my mind for new chapters to the book I’m writing, or future blog posts or a handful of things that need added to my to do list (like figuring out once and for all how to organize the bazillion toys in the kids’ room so we can actually walk through the room without stepping on anything).

My mind can’t Just Sit Down. I mean, goodness, why waste precious minutes to think, get creative, be motivated and be productive? (And yes this is a secret discipline of successful people – making the most of every five minutes you can find in your day to focus on being productive and not simply busy). If the kids are climbing all over me, and the dog is barking at nothing, and somehow I can still hear SpongeBob through all the ruckus, my mind can at least work.

Perhaps you can relate? Maybe you are wondering how you can learn to Just Sit Down. I am able to. Sometimes. It usually happens at the end of the day, say twenty seconds after we’ve planted the kids in their beds and kissed their foreheads goodnight. My mind shuts off, my body says enough and I turn into a total vegetable.

Honest, I have learned to make good use of the activities that refuel me during the day/week. One of those you will read about later this week, in The Driven Mom, where I discuss the importance of having personal work to put effort into daily. Another tactic I use and cherish as “Me Time” are my workouts!

I also make sure to put a little focus in during the week on things that are important to me and also help others, like my work as a writer, giving myself five minutes to chat with other moms at school drop off/pick up, starting up random conversations with Moms I don’t know at the park, the pool, and wherever we go. Even though I am home a lot, I work hard to be outgoing when I am out and about.

I have also learned that when I try to Just Sit Down, and can’t, to make the most of it. Some of my best moments happen when the kids barge in on my sitting down time, the key is to drink the coffee and eat the chocolate before I sit. Some of my best writing happens when I simply get right back up and get to work. Progress doesn’t happen when you sit on your arse.

Sure, right now, there are multiple moments during every day where I dream and sigh over the concept of being able to Just Sit Down, but I also know that in short time (who am I kidding these few years have dragged by) both kids will be in school full time, then they will be big kids and not want to me to play with them nonstop, then they will be rolling their eyes and doing whatever they can to get away from me. I will have plenty of time to Just Sit Down farther down the road. (That too is another haha. I can’t wait to utilize every second of kid free time to do more of what I love to do – and yes it is work).

The real secret to being able to Just Sit Down – don’t have kids. Or be in a relationship. Or own pets. Or a house. Or have a job.

So I embrace my visions of being able to sit quietly and I cherish (ahem try to) the thousands of interruptions in everything I do.

Whether it’s the middle of the aisle at the super market, or while hiding in the bathroom (I mean using the bathroom), or it the middle of the ball diamond, do your best today to simply Sit Down and breathe.

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    Yep – all of it. I often joke about not needing to go to the gym because I do 1000 squats a day by getting up as soon as I try and sit down.

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